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DIY Backyard Lighting Tips for Beginners

DIY Backyard Lighting Tips for Beginners

Want to light up your outdoor living spaces such as a porch, patio, or deck? Here are some DIY backyard lighting tips for transforming your space.

When it comes to backyard lighting, options are available in plenty, from attractive LED candles to eye-catching outdoor chandeliers. Floodlights and spotlights are good from the security point of view, but they may not be perfect for an outdoor dinner party in summer months. Generally, one should opt for a combination of different light sources. If you want to light up a backyard effectively and smartly, make sure you have sufficient indirect, ambient, and task lighting. Ignore any one of these, and your backyard will struggle to look impressive.

Outdoor Ambient Lighting

There is one general rule regarding outdoor ambient lighting: It should evenly spread through the entire backyard space. Chances are your home has either spotlights under the eaves or a lantern-styled lighting fixture near the backdoor or both. While these may light up the entire backyard, they are primarily for security, not entertaining. These lights are likely to be overly bright for the backyard. Having very strong lights in a backyard could make it difficult for your eyes to adjust since very bright areas will be adjacent to very dark areas. For this reason, lights that dimly lit a wider area are a better choice. Installing lighting fixtures that emit low light through the entire perimeter of the backyard space create a more relaxing atmosphere, conducive for entertaining.

If you have an open air deck or patio, you should definitely opt for string lights. They are not only simple to install and customizable but also relatively inexpensive.

Outdoor Task Lighting

When it comes to installing task lighting in an outdoor living space, the primary determining factor is how you will be using that space. If you are going to use it for outdoor dining or for playing games, consider large, decorative LED candles and portable outdoor LED lamps.

Staircase and pathway lighting are vital task lighting not only for safety but also for decorative purposes. Consider low voltage lighting, which looks great in staircase and pathway. They are available in many different styles, so should have no problem finding a combination that goes with your overall look of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Indirect Lighting

With indirect lighting, you can effortlessly highlight certain key features of your outdoor space and set a relaxing mood. There are many options available, including fairy lights, citronella candles, and rope lights. Don’t forget waterproof lighting in case you have a pool or water feature. These have become extremely popular nowadays and are available in many stylish designs, such as glowing orbs which float. You can also use sting lights for indirect lighting in different ways. For example, hanging them from a tree like a curtain can help make a strong style statement. Another option is hang them on your outside wall.

Outdoor Lighting Basics

LED lights are the best choice for outdoor lighting for several reasons. They last significantly longer than traditional bulbs. Depending on the usage, LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours. They are also more energy efficient, besides being environmentally-friendly. For a warm, dim glow, go with Edison LED bulbs, whereas globes are a good option for brighter diffused lighting. For outdoor spaces, high Kelvin LED bulbs should be avoided since they emit off-white light. Instead opt for amber-coloured bulbs as they produce a warm glow.