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Great Ideas for Using LED Light Strips

Although they’re by no means conventional looking, LED light strips have grown to become one of the most popular LED products today, with their spectrum of applications for both commercial and personal continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

They’re lightweight, energy efficient, and highly customisable, so much so that your imagination is pretty much the limit when designing LED strips.

Below are some great ideas on what you can do with LED light strips. 

Bedroom Lights The bedroom is a sanctuary you want to be well lit, but not overly bright that the room becomes uncomfortable to rest in. Remember, sleep and relaxation are the main things you’ll be doing in the bedroom, and your lighting has to help do just that.

You can start with placing LED strips around your bed’s headboard, which can generate a soft, gentle glow. You may also install your strips around the edges and insides of your wardrobe, serving a dual purpose of accent and task lighting. 

Garden Lighting LED light strips to offer a subtle kind of lighting when installed in gardens. They can turn drab outdoor spaces into relaxing areas where you can spend nights out on the patio or in the garden alone or entertaining guests.

LED strips will work great when installed on paths, or around trees and plants you want to be highlighted. Be sure to stick with LEDs that emit a warm yellow glow, which creates a summery atmosphere in the garden. 

Kitchen Lighting LED light strips add a layer of lighting to the kitchen you think you won’t need, but end up thanking yourself when you notice their use. These strips can illuminate specific areas of your kitchen, eliminating the need to switch on the main lights (handy for night time snack trips). They also double as task lighting, especially when placed under and inside cupboards.

For more great ideas on using LED strips, hit this LED Luxor page. You can also get in touch with the LiquidLEDs support team!