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How to Light Your Child’s Nursery? Top 5 DIY Tips

How to Light Your Child’s Nursery? Top 5 DIY Tips

Decorating your child’s nursery can be a lot of fun. However, many would-be parents get so wrapped up in decorations, theme, and colors that they miss one vital aspect — lighting.

It is important you get the lighting of your child’s nursery absolutely right because babies are super-sensitive to harsh lighting. At the same time, you would want to have enough light to soothe your baby to sleep and perform necessary tasks, like night-feeding, without a hitch.

So what’s the best way to light up a child’s nursery?

Convenience and comfort – these should be your two goals when you’re charting out a lighting scheme for a nursery.

Here are 5 tips that help you achieve both these goals easily and effectively.

Opt for soft ceiling lights

Since babies are extra-sensitive to harsh lights, the last thing you would want is bright ceiling lights shining directly down onto the crib. For this reason, always shield or diffuse the overhead lighting with a cover or shade.

The best choice for ambient lighting is chandeliers, pendants, and other hanging lights. In case you have track lighting or recessed lights, ensure they are not shining directly on your baby.

Layer the lights

You don’t have to stick to one type of light. Instead a layered lighting scheme may work out seamlessly well. For instance, you can have a bright light installed that you can turn on when a dirty diaper situation needs your attention. On the other hand, soft lights can be a better option when you’re caring for the child during the night.

We also recommend using a dimmer switch. That way you can regulate the level of lighting as per your needs.

Install a night light

Every nursery needs a good night light. It helps the child feel comfortable, besides making it possible for parents to pop into the nursery at night — something they have to do from time to time — without bumping into the furniture. There are many different types of night lights available in the market, so you’ll be able to easily find one that goes with the theme of your child’s nursery.

Think safety

Floor lamps are not a good choice for a child’s nursery. Crawling children can get easily entangled in its wire or, worse, have the lamp topple over them.

Light bulbs can become extremely hot at times. So if you plan to use a lamp that your baby may touch, opt for LED bulbs since they stay cooler. Hotter light bulbs can be used for lighting fixtures that are out of reach of your child’s hands, like ceiling fixtures.

Invest in quality curtains

Taking light away is just as important as adding light. You wouldn’t want direct sunlight to fall on your child’s curb and keep her awake during daytime. Therefore, invest in quality curtains to create the ideal sleeping environment during the day.

Want more expert help to light up your child’s nursery? Chat with our lighting specialists who’ll more than happy to offer you tailor-made lighting solutions.