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Pool Lighting Tips – Making the Most of your Lights

If you’re lucky enough to own your own pool, you might have a difficult time lighting up your pool area with the right lights. The pool is usually set as the outdoor area’s focal point. This is because it’s the main attraction, not to mention it needs an ample amount of light because of safety purposes.

Here are a few tips on lighting your pool area. 

Place Guide Lights by the Pool Lights not only make the place look good, but it’s also there for safety reasons. You don’t want to have a poolside that too dim because someone might fall into the water or other accidents might occur. Place lights around the pool area to make sure the pool stays visible, even if the underwater lights are off. You can even use pathway lights around the pool can find the specific lighting system that’s made just to light up the sides of the pool. 

Coloured Underwater Bulbs Provide Drama Don’t hesitate to play around with colour for your underwater lights. Most people just stick to the cool white or blue LED bulbs to light up their pool, but where’s the fun in that? There’s a wide variety of submergible light bulbs available in the market, and these bulbs cost the same as the regular ones do. So why not a get creative and add some colour to your pool with coloured bulbs. 

Invest in A Good System Yes, it’s going to be a bit costly, but you’re assured with the quality of the lights you’re using. A good pool light system is one that’s safe and water resistant uses materials that will last longer and can be personalized. Check out systems with LED light bulbs and compare quality and price with others. Read the review to know which ones work the best for whatever you spent.

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