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The best kitchen lighting tips

The best kitchen lighting tips

Kitchens really are the heart of the home. They have different lighting needs than other homes, which makes picking the right one so much more important.

You have to provide task lighting, to ensure that people can prepare meals well - and see exactly what they’re cooking, and they need to also create a warm welcoming feel to the environment.

We’ve compiled the best lighting tips and the best lights for your kitchen.


Layering works with lighting too

Layers aren’t just for fashion - lighting appreciates them too.

For the kitchen, because of the various different needs, you need to create a room that has multiple different lights.

Essentially, you have to combine ambient lights, task lights, and accent lights to ensure that you’ve got the best kitchen lighting possible.

Layering your lights in this way creates a comprehensive space where you can cook, hosts guests, and have a beautiful looking kitchen.

For the accent lights, pendant lights over breakfast tables always work really well.


Consider the height

Make sure that your lights don’t hang too low - this could create some nasty bangs and thuds.

However, kitchen lights do benefit really well from low hanging pendant lights (as mentioned above) so you should make sure that you have got the right height.


Switch to LED

LED lighting has multiple benefits, this includes energy saving - ultimately saving you money.

As the kitchen is so widely used, having energy-efficient lights are a great investment.

Kitchens are used multiple times a day, time spent in there can be extensive, and for this reason, you’ll want to have only the most cost-effective and friendly solutions.

Read more about the benefits of LED lighting here.


Focus the lighting

Where do you want your guests to look? You can choose a focal point in your kitchen, and illuminate it.

This is usually done with the accent lighting, rather than tasks or ambient lighting. These lights often act as decoration pieces and create a big wow factor.

This is usually in the centre of the room, above breakfast tables and above kitchen tables.

Try not to direct the attention towards the sink, as your guests might gain attention towards the dirty sinks.

Don’t worry if you only one have set of fittings in your kitchen, the right single light can still do an amazing job in your kitchen.


Don’t neglect ambient lighting

You’ll be surprised to find how much difference a simple lamp makes in the corner of your kitchen/dining room makes.

It’s perfect for when you’re eating, hosting guests, or nipping down for a late-night snack.

 kitchen lighting tips

We hope these kitchen tips help you find the most perfect lighting solutions for your kitchen. If you want to find the most amazing LED bulbs for your kitchen, make sure to check out our store.

If you have any questions, our team of professionals will be able to help you out.