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Things to Consider when Lighting your Baby’s Room

You might think that lighting your baby’s home is a simple affair, but just as you would want your newborn’s room to be perfect—from the colour of the paint, crib, and furniture—you also want to give your lighting some deep thought.

Many parents make the mistake of taking their baby’s room’s lighting system for granted, thinking only of the utilitarian side of light. A few light bulbs here and there simply will not suffice.

Here are a few pointers on what you can do to improve the situation. 

Gentle Lighting The last thing you want in your baby’s room is lighting that’s harsh and better off in a warehouse department store. Stick with LED bulbs that have a low lumen rating (lumens is the measure of light’s brightness as perceived by the eye) with a colour temperature depending on the effect you want to create—we find warm white works best. Better yet, install a dimmer so you can fine-tune your lighting’s system brightness. 

Keep Things Safe Fluorescent lamps and bulbs (CFLs included) contain small traces of mercury vapour that, although aren’t dangerous to adults, can be serious health hazards for infants and pets. So obviously, any kind of fluorescent lights should be stricken off your list.

Instead, you can go with LED light bulbs, which contain no mercury and use plastic components instead of glassless dangerous during breakages. And even the chances of an LED bulb shattering are low due to their low heat output. Bottom line? LEDs are your safest choice. 

Energy Savings With all the expenses brought about by having a baby, every dollar saved counts. This is precisely why it’s important to choose energy efficient lighting solutions that reduce your utility bill. LEDs, which are 90 per cent more efficient than classic bulbs, are perfect for the job. For more tips, check out this helpful Q&A on nursery lighting by Baby Centre.

You can also contact the LiquidLEDs team for suggestions on the right kind of LED bulbs for your child’s room.