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5 Advantages Vintage LED Bulbs Have Over Traditional Bulbs

5 Advantages Vintage LED Bulbs Have Over Traditional Bulbs

Do you love the style of traditional bulbs but hate their energy-wasting ways?

You’re not alone.

Many people want to use traditional incandescent bulbs for their aesthetic looks but deter from doing so because these bulbs waste 90% of the electric power supplied to them.

That said, you really don’t need to choose style over efficiency. You can have both if you want.

Ever heard of vintage LED bulbs?

They can give your house, bar, or restaurant the sparkling vintage look that you love so much without wasting energy.   

Continue reading to find out the advantages vintage LED bulbs have over traditional incandescent bulbs.

Energy Efficient

The vintage LED bulbs come in the same design and shape as the traditional bulbs, but they produce similar output with far much less energy — like 90% less. In short, replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs can bring down your monthly energy expenditure.

Reduce the risk of fire outbreak

Anyone who has used traditional incandescent bulbs would agree that they get extremely hot after being on for some time. Thankfully, with LED bulbs you won’t have to face this issue.

They remain cool, regardless of for how long they have been on. This in turn reduces the risk of fire outbreak or burns while changing them. Moreover, since LED bulbs typically last 50,000 hours compared to the average lifespan of 1,200 hours for incandescent bulbs, you will only need to change them once in a while.

Provide an Aesthetic Appearance

Since vintage LED bulbs produce lighting that looks pretty much like sunset or candle light, they can help improve the aesthetic quotient of any space in your home. You can also use them in scones and pendants for decorative purposes.

Available in a Range of Designs

You can purchase vintage LED bulbs in a range of designs and styles. They are available as Edison bulbs, oversize bulbs, and globes — and are a perfect choice for pendant lights and chandeliers.

Automated Lighting

Unlike traditional bulbs, automation is possible with Smart LED bulbs. You can connect them to your smartphone through a home automation hub or directly via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and turn them on and off or set the lighting level remotely.