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5 Awesome Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

5 Awesome Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Let’s face it. A living room that has a low ceiling throws unique challenges, but worry not. With the right kind of design and placement, you can easily create the right ambience.

In this post, we will share 5 cool ceiling lighting ideas for living rooms with low ceilings.

Tip#1 – Start using LEDs

If you’re still using halogen or fluorescent bulbs, it’s about time you replace them with LED bulbs. LED light bulbs not only give off brighter lights but also consume less power. Regardless of the height of the ceiling of your living room, LED lights can help brighten things up a little.

However, keep in mind that not all LED bulbs are created equal. Some emit a more balanced light than others. We recommend you opt for LED bulbs with a CRI 90+ rating.

Tip #2 - Go for a layered approach

You should try to illuminate your living room at different heights using different sources. This is a smart way to eliminate dark corners in your living room and create great ambience. For the best results, position the ambient lighting a little above standing eye-level and seated eye-level.  

Tip #3 – Consider recreating the natural light

If it’s possible to have some natural light into the room, that’s great. But if it’s not feasible, we recommend you install natural white LED bulbs. These bulbs emit light that’s closest to natural daylight. Using natural while LED bulbs can make your living room livelier and brighter.

Tip #4 – Use an overhead fixture

Of course, you shouldn’t use a pendant or a chandelier if you have a low ceiling. But there are several other overhead fixtures that work quite well with low-ceiling rooms, and we recommend you give one of these a try. It can help provide ample ambient light to brighten all corners of your room.

But what if you can’t install an overhead fixture?

In that case, we recommend you use multiple lamps of different heights.

Tip #5 – Use luminaries

Another smart way to brighten up a low-ceiling living room is by using luminaries. But make sure you keep these simple tips in mind when using them.

  • Install them in places like dining tables, coffee tables, etc.
  • If you are using a suspended fixture, go for one with a slim design.
  • Limit the length of the cable to make the light appear just like a pendant