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5 Reasons to Pick Natural White LED Light Bulbs

Reasons to Pick Natural White LED Light Bulbs

It’s no secret that lighting makes a big difference to an environment. All the same, far too often people make common lighting mistakes, and the end result is poor aesthetics.  

That said, things don’t have to be this way. A great way to light up your work or home environment is by using daylight (or natural white) LED light bulbs. These bulbs give off light that’s the nearest thing to sun light, which helps recreate true colours of all objects present in a room.

Here are 5 key reasons why installing natural white LED light bulbs in your work or home environment is a smart decision.

  1. Display true colours

Have you ever spent a great deal of time picking paint colours and comparing them carefully only to find that after you’ve painted the entire room, the paint colour doesn’t look as good as you thought it would?

Well, perhaps the lighting in the room is to blame. There’s a good chance the paint colour you picked is being effected by light. Since soft light has a deep yellowish hue to it, it can give your favourite colour a yellowish tinge as well.

This is where daylight LED light bulbs can make a world of difference. Installing natural white LED light bulbs will ensure your paint colours are exactly as you picked them.

  1. Neutral light appears clean

Continuing with the point made above, have you ever seen a room that feels dirty even when there’s no cluttering or strange smell? If so, there’s a chance that poor lighting is to blame. The deep yellows of poor-quality soft lighting can at times give off a darkish glow which doesn’t look half as clean as its natural white rival. Natural white LED light bulbs give out a soft whitish glow which lends a cleaner look to furniture, carpets, and walls.

  1. Make the space look bigger

Not for a minute we are saying all soft light is a no-no. That’s far from the truth. Soft light, as a matter of fact, is a good option in many situations. For instance, soft light is perfect for a yoga studio room, a spa, or any other room that is meant to be a tad darker and have a cool relaxing vibe. Soft light bulbs are also a smart option when it comes to reading lamps. Nevertheless, they may make certain spaces look smaller than those spaces really are. A darker tone might make things look a tad cramped. By contrast, daylight LED light bulbs can brighten up a space and make it look bigger.

  1. Helps with mood and concentration

As said earlier, natural white LED light bulbs mimic outdoor light more closely than any other light bulbs. This can be a boon for all those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Installing natural white bulbs might help improve mood in such people. Some experts also believe that natural white bulbs help with concentration. So switching to these bulbs can boost both positivity and productivity.

  1. For all our makeup-wearing readers

Natural light LED bulbs maximize colour contrast. As such, they are just about perfect for any close-up work, like applying makeup.

Have you ever been in a situation when your makeup looked different than what it did in the bathroom? Probably this happened due to soft light bulbs, which may make it hard to detect inconsistencies in your makeup.

As daylight LED bulbs maximize colour contrast and help you see the true colour of objects, they are a perfect choice for bathrooms. If there are any mistakes in your makeup application, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be easily able to make them out under a natural white LED light bulb.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When you should use daylight bulbs?

Daylight LED bulbs aims to mirror the natural daylight as much as possible. This quality makes them a great option for reading, applying makeup, and working.

  1. Are daylight bulbs better for your eyes?

Warm light is more relaxing for the eyes than cool white. Warm light also softens the skin tone and reduces imperfections. We recommend you to go for Natural White LED light bulbs with CRI 90+ rating. Bulbs with a 90+ CRI rating emit the most balanced light. (At LiquidLEDs, we mainly sell high-quality LED light bulbs having a CRI rating of 90 or above because we care about your eyes.)

  1. Which bulbs should I install in my kitchen?

In a kitchen, one does so many jobs that require attention to detail, such as chopping vegetables. For this reason, natural white LED light bulbs, owing to their ability to show you the true colour of the objects, is a good choice for kitchen.