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Combining LED with luxury

Combining LED with luxury

Even the most sustainable and cost-effective options can be luxurious. 

Over the years, LED bulbs have come leaps and bounds, especially in terms of technology and style. This makes them perfect for those who are looking for a more luxurious statement piece. 

We get asked often about style and function. Many don’t realise the impact that a simple bulb can have on a room. 

So, we thought we’d compile together a list of ideas, revolving around LED bulbs, and luxury. 

Side note: we will be focusing predominately on 12v LED bulbs, and the effects that they can have on a room. 

Why 12v?

You’re probably wondering why we’re focusing this on 12v LED bulbs, and we have a good reason for this. 

More and more people are reaping the benefits of 12V bulbs, and using them in their homes for various uses. Below, we’ve listed the benefits of using a 12v bulb:

  • They last much longer, making them particularly great to use as a statement piece
  • Possibility of converting to mood lighting, if that’s the aim 

12 V is an incredibly bright light, which many often use in their bathrooms or kitchens. They’re proof that LED lighting can be luxurious. 

Why LED?

The next question then becomes; why should I opt for LED rather than incandescent bulbs, especially when the initial cost is more. 

While it may be true that the upfront cost is a little more, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower. This is courtesy of a couple of factors:

  • It uses less energy to power, meaning your bills are cut. In fact, many people have managed to completely cut their bills with the use of LED. 
  • It’s an environmentally friendly option. They use less energy, last longer, and contain less harmful items. 

Chandeliers - potentially to be used in a bathroom 

One of the biggest trends at the moment is chandeliers. These are a timeless piece, which until recently, have also been a source of problems. 

As they are such a grand statement piece, finding a bulb that’s not only powerful enough but has the longevity to match has been hard. That’s where 12v LED bulbs come in. 

12V bulbs offer the longevity, without any compromise on style or function. 


On that same note, 12v bulbs have also proven to be the best choice for those who desire pendants. These look amazing in bathrooms and have become a great interior trend for these rooms. 

Pendant lighting can really elevate a room. Whether it’s an industrial or modern look that you want, these bulbs make the world of difference. 

12V pendant bulbs are increasingly popular - for the same reasons as above. They’re super bright, lasts long, and save you energy. 

Look out for 12v pendant lights in our store. 

Interiors and LED lighting 

Incorporating LED lighting into your interior is a relatively new concept. For the longest time, these innovative tools have been used in vehicles and for exteriors. Now, they’re fast becoming an integral part of interior design. 

With recessed LED fittings, cool lighting in kitchens, colour washes, and statement pieces -LED lighting has innovated interior design. 

LED lighting can match your mood, design, and vibe - making interior design easier for you. 

12V bulbs give you the freedom to light up a room, with a powerful glow. 

Also, in a world where sustainability is so important, you can be sure that your interior design choice is nice to our planet. 

Before you buy 

Before you switch out all your bulbs, there are certain things that you need to consider. 

Remember, wattage doesn’t reflect the brightness of a bulb, rather the energy it uses. The lumen is the real measurement of brightness, so look out for that when you’re shopping.

You should also know what colour and temperature you want before buying. You can have a warm glow and bright white glows. 

The colour and temperature vary based on the mood you’re trying to set. 

It’s also important to note that you will pay more for an LED bulb. However, the total cost of ownership is much lower - making it an investment piece. 

Lastly, make sure, if needed, your LED bulb is compatible with dimmers. Not all of them are. 

If you need any help picking out the best LED or finding the perfect 12v bulb - we’re always happy to help. 

We have a luxury collection of LED bulbs; you’ll be sure to find the perfect options for you.