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How to get outdoor lighting like a pro

How to get outdoor lighting like a pro

Winter or summer, everybody loves to hang around outdoors. When the conversations start flowing, and the bugs have gone to sleep - why should you have to step inside?

Outdoor lighting often gets overlooked. However, utilising it, like a professional, will add various benefits to your garden - functionality, safety and decorative. 

Just like with the rooms in your house, you want to be able to do things in your garden, even when the sun goes away. So, here are our top tips on how to get outdoor lighting that will impress. 



outdoor led lighting

There are places in your garden that really need outdoor lighting. This could be a walk down the pathway, over your shed, or shining on your door. Certain lights are just necessary. 

Walk around your garden at night, and consider where you could benefit from having a permanent light fixture. 

Don't forget, you don't always need as much lighting as you might imagine. For example, for over the top of a table, you only really need one large LED. 

The rest you can achieve from fairy lights scattered around the trees, a firepit, or candles. Don't overthink it. 



That brings us nicely onto our next point; drama. You see, you might focus too much on functionality and completely ruin the aesthetics. 

The professionals never go overboard with their lighting. Having it overlit will completely decrease the drama in your garden. When you imagine a beautiful outdoor space, you probably envision twinkling lights, with a fire backdrop - not somewhere as bright as a kitchen. 

Make sure to light entrance ways, steps, around ponds and trees. These all benefit from little bits of lighting, but nothing over the top. 


Setting the mood

You might want to consider having lighting for every type of occasions. Casual hangouts, romantic evenings, and big parties. These all require different types of lighting.

Combine the functional lights with dramatic lighting above the table. Pair them with sparkling fairy lights hanging from the trees, and add a little bit of fun with your red, green, yellow and blue LED lighting scattered around the garden. 

Which light is right?

Obviously, we believe that LED lights are the best for the job. They cost much less to run, and the diversity available in their design is admirable. 

LED lighting can also be super smart, with dimmable properties. Imagine the scenario; you're all having a great time in your garden, and then somebody realises that they lost their keys. You can just turn up the brightness, and find the straight away. No more torches. 


We hope this gave you a little insight into the beauty of outdoor lighting. Don't make the common mistakes - create an outdoor area even the pros would be jealous of. 

If you need any help picking the right outdoor LED bulb, contact us here