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Night Riding – Keeping Safe

Riding a bike to school or work is one of the best ways to conserve energy and get some exercise. If you ride your bike at night, you know how dangerous it can be. You’re not only dealing with cars and people walking, but you also have to be extra careful because it’s dark and you have a hard time seeing anything. You might even get into an accident if you’re not careful enough. Below are a few safety tips when riding at night. 

Divert One of the most dangerous things to do when biking at night is riding on the road with cars and traffic. Stay on the bike lane or try to drive on the side of the road, not in the middle. Use crosswalks when turning at intersections. This might take a bit longer, but it’ll reduce the chances of accidents. As much as possible, keep out of the way of traffic. 

Illuminate You always need to have a light when driving at night. You can get inexpensive blinkers made from LEDs at bike shops or even hardware stores. Get the ones that you can easily attach on the seat post or handlebar of your bike. Some people even attach these lights to their helmets. LED lights are great since they give out a nice, bright light that’s very noticeable. They might not have enough power to light up your way, but they’ll make you visible to pedestrians and motorists. It doesn’t hurt that these lights practically last ages on a single charge or battery replacement.

Reflect Even if you’re wearing the most colorful clothes, a low-light condition is still going to make it difficult for people, especially driver, to notice you. Use reflectors that capture the light and bounce it back so people can see you. Place it on your rims, helmet, and the back of your bike. Your goal is to make yourself as visible as possible to avoid any collisions.