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Tips on Keeping your Outdoor Lights Safe

Tips on Keeping your Outdoor Lights Safe


Have you ever encountered a problem with your outdoor lighting system where the bulbs keep breaking or burning out on you? This is a common issue for most homeowners. Not only is it a hassle, but it’s going to cost more money on maintenance to fix. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to make your outdoor lights last longer. Here are a few tips. 

Make sure you’re using outdoor friendly lights It’s a common mistake for homeowners to install regular light bulbs outside their homes. Most light bulb makers actually have a specific line of bulbs made for outdoor light fixtures. These bulbs can handle the stress caused by sudden changes in temperature, humidity, water and even wind. Also, avoid using glass bulbs since these can break easily. Check out bulbs that are made with more durable material like LED light bulbs

Place them in a casing Most home improvement stores and depots have a section on outdoor light fixtures where you can find a number of casing designs. Placing the bulbs inside a casing can help protect it from wear and tear, as well as curious little animals that might want to get their paws on the bulb. The casings can also stop them from getting hurt since light bulbs do produce some amount of heat when they light up. Outdoor lamps are simple to work with and you can change the bulbs with newer ones like LED bulbs.


Water-proof them One of the most common ways an outdoor light fixture gets damaged is because of water. Water-proof those by making sure that no water can seep into the base of the bulbs. You can also elevate them from the ground so incase a puddle forms around them, the water won’t get inside. Water seeping inside can make your bulbs explode and turn into a fire hazard.

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