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The ultimate LED lighting timeline

By now, you probably know of all the benefits that LED lighting brings. From low costs, higher efficiency and better quality, there is nothing that traditional forms of bulbs can do, that LEDs can't do better. 

Seemingly quite a modern technology, the idea of LED's has actually been tickled been since the early 1900s. Obviously, this isn't even close to the technology we see today, but it's interesting nonetheless. We've put together the ultimate timeline, highlighting the evolution and history of LED lighting. 

1854 - Heinrich Gobel invents the truest light bulbs - a carbonised filament in the glass bulb. 

1879 - Thomas Edison invents the incandescent light bulb

1939 - Zoltan Bay and Gyorgy Szigeti create what is considered to be the first ever type of LED. They patent a silicone carbide electroluminescent lighting device.  Hard to believe this will become what we know today. 
1951 - Co-inventor of the transistor, William Shockley, files a patent for an infrared LED. The '50s actually saw a number of patents filed for different types of LEDs. This was probably the decade with the most breakthroughs.
1962 - Nick Holonyak created the first practical visible-spectrum LED in New York. Many people credit Holonyak highly for this. 
1968 -LEDs are integrated into the earliest hand-held calculators by Hewlett Packard. 
1971 - Blue LEDs are created by Jacques Pankove.
1972 - M Georges Craford, invents the first ever yellow LED. This is seen as a pivotal moment in LEDs being used for lighting.
2006 - After creating a high brightness blue LED in 1993, Shuji Nakamura wins a Millennium Technology Prize for the development of the white LED. We have him to thank for our brightly lit kitchens. 
2007 - An entire illumination system in the Italian village, Torraca, becomes the first to convert to LED.
2008 - We first launched out liquid LED bulbs at CES. You can see this here
2009 - We launched the first all-glass PCB LED bulbs. Since this, these bulbs have improved. Find this collection here
2014 - We launch the LED filament bulbs. They're now our Classic collection
2016 - We launch the soft filament LED bulbs. Find them in our Vintage Collection.
2019 - We don't have to tell you how far LEDs have come now. Homes all over the world have switched to LED lighting, starting a new lighting revolution.  

Our process

A glimpse into history can really make you reflect on the future. The LED lighting is clearly the future, and we don't want you to be left behind. We are leading the way in this lighting revolution, too. Just how do we do that?

We're self-proclaimed perfectionists, dedicated to providing only the highest quality of LEDs. We constantly look for new products that will give our customers the lighting they deserve. 

After all this time, lighting is more than just a bulb or light emission excited by electric. They're a focus on a home, a crucial aspect to the feel of a room and a mood elevator. 

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