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Film Lighting – LEDs on Red Carpet Interview

As a cameraman, the red carpet is one of the most challenging places to shot. It’s easy to get distracted by all the lights, celebrities, screaming fans, security and other cameramen hoping to get their shot at the who’s who on the carpet. The whole event can last for just a couple of hours, but you need to make sure your gear is on top shape and it can withstand anything, especially since most red carpet events are held outdoors. Outdoor lighting is beautiful, but once the natural sunlight disappears, your lighting gear better is enough to bring out the best of whoever it is you’re filming. This is where LED light bulbs come in. many light fixture companies have started to make LED powered lights for studios and sets. Here are a few benefits of using LED lighting for red carpet events. 

Their low maintenance LED light bulbs don’t need a lot to generate light. They just need a power source and they’re good to go. There are a lot of LED lighting models that are battery powered or use a chargeable power source so the camera operator doesn’t need to worry about wires hanging and falling all over the place, which is very dangerous on red carpet shows. Someone could trip on them. 

Perfect for night-time shooting Some red carpet shows happen during the evenings, and LEDs give just the right amount of light for up close filming like interviews. LED bulbs to give out a bright light that can help fill out any dark spots, especially if you’re filming in a small, not so well lit corner at the event. 

Saves power These bulbs also use a small amount of power. They can light up as bright as tungsten or fluorescent lights but with a fraction of the power. You won’t have to worry about then dying down or losing their brightness right away while filming.