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How to choose the right colour LED bulb

Choosing the right colour LED bulb can be difficult, how do you know you’re picking the right one for your room, the function and the aesthetic?

We’re fortunate enough to have an extensive selection of LED colours to choose from; no longer do we have to settle for low-quality incandescent bulbs, for every single room. Now LED bulbs have offered us more flexibility and choice with our lighting. This blessing, as great as it is, can make choosing the perfect LED bulb difficult. Just how do you know which colour LED bulb to get?

Colour has an immense impact on the overall look and feel of a room. Additionally, certain colours will completely change the function of a room. Here, we talk all about colour and which one would be the right choice for you.

As you can see from the chart above, the colour ranges from warm to cool. All the different colours suit different rooms and tasks. 

What are your aims for the room?

The first thing to consider, before you jump into buying a bulb, is what your room will be used for, how you want it to look and the feel you’re aiming for.

For example, do you need bright lighting, think, kitchens, offices, studios. Alternatively, you might be aiming for a more relaxed feel in your room, perhaps it’s your living room or bedroom.

Cooler lighting is better for rooms which require a focus on detail or concentrating. Warmer lighting is utilised much better in rooms for relaxing. 

You might even have a multi-functional room, what colour lighting should you choose then?

Entering into your decision making with a clear idea of what you want will make it a lot easier for you.

2200 Kelvin - very warm

These bulbs are often used as mood lighting rather than function lighting. They create an extremely cosy, warm feeling to every room. They’re characterised by their yellow/orange glow.

How To Choose The Right Colour Led Bulb

Our suggestions (although you don’t have to follow) are to use these bulbs in lamps. Instead of using this colour as an accent light, use it as an additional light - something you can turn on when you want to create a certain ambience. We love how they look in living rooms and bedrooms on side tables.

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2700 Kelvin - Warm white

Warm white bulbs still have that cosy, warm feeling to them. However, they offer a tiny bit more clarity with their glow - emitting a white-yellow rather than an orange-yellow.  

How To Choose The Right Colour Led Bulb

These bulbs are suitable to be used as accent lighting in living rooms, bedrooms. They’re really great as bar lighting too. It’s not harsh on the eyes and creates a warm, comforting atmosphere.

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4000 Kelvin - Natural white

Natural white, as you can probably imagine, gets its name from mimicking the natural daylight. It’s a clean, clear glow with just a hint of warmth.

How To Choose The Right Colour Led Bulb

These are great for rooms that need a bit more clarity, but require something easy on the eyes. We recommend these for dining rooms, studies, libraries and bathrooms.

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5500 Kelvin - Cool white

You guessed it, cool white is the very last - the brightest LED bulb with no warmth. These have a blue tint rather than a yellow tint.

The best examples of these being used are in hospitals, mirror lights and dentist lighting. They’re for places that need ultimate clarity.

How To Choose The Right Colour Led Bulb

Most people choose to have cool white office lamps, or cool white LED bulbs just above their kitchen counters. Using too much cool white lights can be uncomfortable for the eyes. We suggest mixing cool white with warmer lights, creating a flexible, easy-going ambience, that still promotes productivity.

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We hope this has helped you understand LED colour lighting a little bit better. Sometimes it is just trial and error and, of course, trial and error. Shop our entire colour collection here - you’ll definitely find the right colour for you.