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Vintage Collection

If you’re aiming for a vintage, chic feeling for your house, a vintage LED bulb could be the perfect choice for you. Combining modern technology with old school looks has never been easier. When you’re searching for vintage style light bulbs, you might not even consider LED, but it should really be your first choice.

The appeal is obvious - the desirable vintage look, with the added benefit of efficiency. For the nostalgic, who couldn’t quite say goodbye to the incandescent bulbs, those aiming for a vintage theme or, just those who love how they look. Our collection of vintage LED Light bulbs is so advanced, you’ll find any type, for any type of room.

From designer, candle, tube and globe - you’ll be able to pick the perfect one for your room. Vintage bulbs are commonly bought for their aesthetics. Their distinctive design makes them a great decorative piece, being used in Pendant style fixtures, decorative stands and as mood lighting.

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