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Can you control your lighting through an app?

Can you control your lighting through an app?

As LED lights progress, even more opportunities and technology becomes available. With LED lighting’s high tech reputation, it’s not surprising that even more options have become available.


The newest craze is now an app that controls lights. You might have seen it - but it’s even better than you originally thought. With certain apps, you can control and monitor all your lighting from a single interface


Increased opportunity to save money

No longer do you have to worry about accidentally leaving a light bulb switched on. You have track what lights are on, where and when. It doesn’t matter where you are - this provides you with more chance to save energy, and money on new light bulbs.

We’ve all done it - left lights on after we’ve left for work or on holiday. It’s an honest mistake, but now with an app - we can change it.

 LED lighting app


Having an app that controls your lighting also improves accessibility for all. Unfortunately, light switches aren’t always convenient for all people - using an app on a mobile device makes it perfect for much more people.

By using something that we all have, an app controlling light offers accessibility and convenience to people of all abilities. It might not be something that we all consider.

With LED lighting and the increase in technology, more possibilities are now possible with lighting.


Great for work environments

Of course, it’s not just perfect for homes. This type of lighting is great for retail, warehouses, healthcare, and transportation. With such a large degree of lighting, many of these areas settle for archaic lighting designs, and unreliable switches.

With an app that controls the lighting, it’s now easier than ever to lock in and out - and monitor all aspects of your business or service. Better yet, switching on and off the lights doesn’t have to be one person’s responsibility any more - at least not in the same way.


How does it work?

You obviously have to have a special type of wiring in your house, but even doing this is easy and made available through technology. Depending on the supplier, you may upload your floor plan or get a free demo, and you’re then given the opportunity to design and control the areas that you want.

Once everything is installed, everything can be revised or changed in the future - you’re never stuck to one plan.

After this, you can maintain your lighting through one interface. Obviously, this means you can switch the lights on and off. It also means that you can see a comprehensive analysis of your energy performance. Again, providing you with opportunities to save more energy and money.

 App for LED lighting

As we’ve said before, LED lighting is definitely the future. This new app, that is compatible with your favourite bulbs, just shows that.  Also, don’t compromise on style and pick superb bulbs to match.


Do you think this is the future of lighting?