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Yellow LED Lights

Did you know that the human brain sees the colour yellow first? Before any other colour? Isn’t this just the perfect reason to use yellow lighting as accent lighting. Yellow lighting is eye-catching and effective at grabbing people’s attention. This is why many opt for these bulbs for specific functions. 

Yellow lighting also comes in handy with events, and for themed nights. Acting on it’s own or with other primary colours, these wonderful bulbs can really change a space. We know that colour is super important with lighting, which is why we compiled together a guide on shopping by colour, you can check that out here.

Not only that, we have made sure that our yellow LED bulbs fit into the most popular of fixtures. These include Edison screw E27 and Bayonet cap B22. You can find the one suitable for you through their code on their listing. However, if you need any help or are unsure, you can contact us here.

Buying bright yellow bulbs might not be as common as buying white, or warm bulbs but it’s definitely worth going with an LED bulb. These wonderful inventions are more efficient, they have much better performance and will save you energy. These are all great things to consider, especially when your yellow lighting will be a focal spot.

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