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Giving Back

Here at LiquidLEDs, we highly believe in the power of giving back. Now, we know that there are tonnes of ways that you can help others in need, but when we thought about ways that we could assist, a light bulb appeared above our heads - literally.

LED lighting has an array of benefits, ranging from efficiency, environment, and financial. So, why can’t everybody reap the benefits? Well, not everybody can afford LED lighting - the initial cost of them is more (although you save money in the long-run), in fact, some people can’t comfortably pay for any kind of lighting.

This is where we decided to give a little something back and brighten up other people’s lives.

The Importance of lighting

Lighting plays a big part in our lives, and it’s something that we take for granted. From simple tasks like cooking to trying to study and work, we need lighting to live comfortably. Imagine trying to get ready in the morning, or read a book a night without lighting?

Without adequate lighting, daily microaggressions build up and the quality of life starts to decrease.

Not only that, many people want to begin transitioning to LED lighting, for their incredible benefits and energy saving factors. They just can’t seem to find any that work with their budget.

This is why, out of the ways that we could help, we decided to stay on-brand and help with our premium lighting. After all, everybody deserves to experience them.


Our first brush with giving back, as a company, began in 2013. Members of our team decided to volunteer at the Salvation Army StreetLevel store in Surry Hills. Here, we were able to experience the hard work that charities put in, and also the difference they can make to people’s lives.

It’s amazing what even just a little bit of help can make. Experiencing it first-hand made us realise the power that we had. This was the beginning, but certainly not the end.

Donating lightbulbs

Since then, we have been donating lightbulbs to the Salvation Army StreetLevel Store. The Salvation Army comes straight to our warehouse and collects all the LED lights that we have decided could make others very happy.

The store then sells these quality LED bulbs at an extremely low price - making them more affordable for everybody, and helping the charity. A mutually beneficial situation.

If you’re looking for ways that you can also help, you can follow our lead and donate items to the Salvation Army. You can even donate LED light bulbs. These will all be collected for free, and be given a home that really needs/appreciates them.

If you have any questions or would like to specifically donate one of our LED bulbs, please contact us here. We would be more than happy to have a conversation with you about this.

Remember, any generous action, no matter how small, can light up somebody’s life - literally. We’re proud to keep helping in our own unique way and look forward to many more years working with the Salvation Army.