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Everything you need to know about UGR

Everything you need to know about UGR

Have you heard of UGR? It’s part of the vast array of industry jargon, that’s extremely important in the lighting and LED world. However, unlike with other pieces of information - UGR is genuinely essential for the user, too. It could make a big difference when shopping for your next bulb.


What is UGR?

UGR is short for Unified Glare Rating. It’s the measurement used when calculating glare from luminaires.

A lower UGR rating means a lower glare and vice versa.


Why is it important?

It’s crucial to consider when choosing your lighting. The UGR can have a profound impact on how well visitors and employees can see and work in your environment.

Some environments require a lower UGR, while others require a higher. It all depends on the function, ambience and look of a room.

It’s crucial that you achieve the correct level of lighting for your environment. This will ensure that your employees or visitors have clear visibility.

In general, it’s considered much more important in places of work. UGR has the potential to affect productivity or concentration. So, if you’re aiming to create a great workplace, consider UGR in your design process.



What UGR do we recommend?

Firstly, every space is unique and different. The lighting that works for one may not work for another. That being said, we do have a few recommendations, in case you need a little guidance.

For office lighting, a UGR level of 16 to 19 will ensure that the lighting is comfortable for the eyes. This will help when looking at computer screens or performing admin tasks.

For industrial environments, a UGR level of 22 to 25 is perfect.

If your UGR rating is >28, it’s considered bad practice. Below are a few more generalised UGR recommendations.





UGR rating 


Offices and commercial rooms 19
Boardroom/meeting rooms 16
Industrial work 22-25
Corridors 28
Never acceptable more than 28


What determines the UGR?

Various factors determine the UGR rating. This can span from the shape of the bulb to the brightness of the walls. That’s why, as we mentioned, it’s essential to choose the correct luminaire for your specific environment. Every space is different.


If you need any more information on UGR or our specific bulbs concerning UGR, contact us here. All our bulbs will work perfectly in various locations and situations. As well as providing dimmable properties, to make their versatility and flexibility all the more helpful.


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