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How changing your Light bulbs can Lift your Mood

People often think that the best way to cure mood problems and depression is to take medication. However, the environment also plays an important role in affecting how we feel. Your surrounding needs to feel safe and calm for your mind to shift from anxious to relaxed. A simple way to change how your environment feels is by setting the right lighting. Light therapy is a safe treatment for people who are affected with mood disorders as well as mild depression. With light therapy, you are exposed to a certain light for a period of time and it helps make you feel better. Light therapy uses a number of different bulbs, ranging from fluorescent bulbs to new LEDs. Below are some reasons why light therapy works to lift your mood and why you should change your bulbs. 

Bio-chemicals are affected by light Serotonin, which is the chemical in our brain that’s associated with good mood, rises when exposed to bright light and falls when you don’t get enough exposure to light. This rise and fall relationship has cued many therapist and councillors to recommend light therapy as an effective way to raise the mood of people with low serotonin. The most common mood problem that’s treated with this is SAD or Seasonal Affect Disorder, which affects people in areas with fall and winter seasons. 

Blue light leads to better sleep Studies have shown that people that are exposed to a bright blue light for 30 to 60 minutes during the day experience an improvement with their depressive symptoms. There’s also an increase to melatonin levels in their body during the night, which helps regulate the internal body clock, lowers stress hormones, and lets you sleep better. The experiment even showed that the improvements of the participants were comparable to those that used antidepressant drugs. 

Warm tones calm you A warmly toned light bulb not only gives the room a beautiful, glowing look, but it also helps calm you down. this is great for those who constantly feel anxious since the light can help smooth and relax them.  you can find a number of warm bulbs in the market, even for new energy efficient bulbs.