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Stage Lighting – How to Light a Concert

Whether it’s a rock band of a pop princess, lighting can make a huge difference in concerts. Thousands of people would come to see a show and they expect something outstanding and amazing. Lights can help you achieve a whole new level of entertainment. It adds another detail that just makes the performance of the artist perfect and complete. This is why there’s always a light director during big concerts and events. If it’s still your first time learning how to light up a stage for a concert, there are just a few details to remember. 

Play with the music Great music and great lights are enough to make a memorable concert. It might be tempting to just wire the lights to the sound modulator to sync both of them, but many light directors would tell you to do it manually. This gives you more freedom to play with the lights, but remember to never overdo it or you might miss a good moment to add an effect. 

Use the right lights The right type of light bulbs can make a big difference. Not only will it make the effect look better, but it’ll also make it more comfortable for the artist and people on stage. Stage lights create a lot of heat, so replacing it with a bulb that doesn’t make as much without sacrificing the brightness and colour, such as LED light bulbs, will be a big help. 

Proper lighting system The lighting system needs to work properly. You can’t press a button to turn off a light only to find it not working. Everything needs to be tested before the even to ensure it goes smoothly. If LED bulbs need to be replaced, then replace them right away and don’t wait for the next show.