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The best apps for those that love interior design

The best apps for those that love interior design

In today’s world, we can have everything on our phone. For those that love interior design, there are apps for you.

We spend so much time on interior design apps and games, not only do they help us out a million, but they also entertain us for hours.

So, whether you design for a living, want to get into it, or just really enjoy it - we’ve listed all the best apps for you.


For the interior designer

Apps for work are a little bit different from those for pleasure. The following apps will help you stay organised, and also make the process interior design a breeze.

Most people don’t realize that interior design takes a lot of work - from client communication, day-to-day organizing, budgeting, and marketing.


Quickbooks Online - This will help you keep track of cash flow throughout your project. This is arguably the most reliable and easy to use.

Zoom - If you need to collaborate with others, Zoom is a mini-conference on your phone. This app has been specifically designed for work environments, that work remotely.


For the design process

It’s hard to know exactly how a room will look until you actually see the furniture inside it. Fortunately, there are apps that can do just this for you.

The following apps help your vision come to life, with just a few clicks. This ensures you avoid mistakes.

Homestyler Interior Design - This helps you create the design you want in a room, without any heavy lifting. This helps you to show your client your work, all with 3D products, too.

Adobe Capture - This innovative app allows you to take a photo of a scene, and get all the colours from that specific picture. It’s genius, really.

For instance, if your client asks for a room that reminds them of Amsterdam, you can gain colours from a picture of the quirky city.

Room Planner - It’s a cartoon-style, but still really effective. It helps you to experiment, and see what’s best for every type of room.


Games for interior designers

Home Design - Be careful, you could spend hours every day playing this addictive game. You complete puzzles for coins, and with those coins design homes for various different “clients”. It’s really so fun.

Design this Home - This allows you to assume that you have a virtual home, and customize it for your liking. It’s entirely up to you how you design your home.

Design Story - Another addictive game, that just keeps on giving. You’ll never get bored playing on this wonderful app.


We hope this handy little article inspires the interior design in your. Don’t forget, the usual magazines and Pinterest can also be amazing when looking for inspiration.

You can also search through shops and stores for even more inspiration.