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What is a Candle Light LED Bulb?

What is a Candle Light LED Bulb?

Candle light bulbs look pretty much like a candle’s flame — hence the name. People often use them when they need decorative lighting. They are commonly used in desk lamps, wall lights, and chandeliers. Given their shape, they help give lamps and other fixtures a more of a vintage look.  

Candle light bulbs can be used in different fittings, as they come in different bases and styles. Commonly they are used with B22 bayonet cap (BC) or E27 Edison screw (ES) base. While the B22 cap is a kind of “push and twist” fitting, which is very common in Australia, E27 Edison screw base is commonly used in the US and Europe.

Other common types of bases include E14 small Edison screw and B15 small bayonet cap. These, as you my guess, are smaller versions of Edison and bayonet caps. They are used mainly on smaller fittings and lamps.

It’s very easy to recognize most candle bulbs, since they have a “flame” shape. In fact, there is hardly much variation in the looks of these bulbs. However, some might have considerably different designed features, like a “flicker-effect” (which resembles a candle flame’s flicker) or pointed tips.

Most people now don’t prefer using traditional incandescent candle light bulbs —  and understandably so. These bulbs waste a lot of energy. Plus, they can get heated quickly.

LED candle light bulbs, by contrast, are very energy-efficient. While they look pretty much like incandescent light bulbs, they beat the latter to the punch when it comes to performance.

LED candle light bulbs are often opaque (frequently they are described as “opal” or “pearl”) and are made using either heat-resistant thermal plastic or glass. Many LED candle light bulbs feature a white plastic base which is there to hide the componentry of the bulb. You can also find models which are completely transparent.

Some of the most popular candle light LED bulbs are:

4W Candle Dimmable LED bulb - You can get roughly 400 lumens of light with bulb, which blends the shape of a candle-shaped incandescent bulb with modern LED technology

3W Candle Dimmable LED bulb – The bulb boasts a CRI of 90 and is incredibly energy-efficient compared to a standard 15W incandescent candle light bulb.

2W Candle Dimmable LED bulb – With its warm, soft light, this bulb is a perfect choice for decorative fixtures such as wall-mounted lamps and chandeliers.