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Why get Eco-friendly Bulbs for your Home

Why get Eco-friendly Bulbs for your Home

If you find a few bulbs that need to be changed during your maintenance check, consider getting energy friendly bulbs as a replacement. These are also called eco-friendly bulbs or efficient bulbs in the market and can open up a whole new door of utility savings. Using these bulbs can help you to cut your power consumption to more than half. Many people have switched to these bulbs because they’re definitely more efficient. A number of countries and cities have also started to ban common light bulbs like incandescent and are prompting consumers to use these energy-efficient lights. 

Power Saving Eco-friendly bulbs can help minimize your power consumption to even more than 50%. Back then, the brightness of a light bulb was based on its watt. The higher the watt, the brighter it is. The downside of this is that the higher the watt, the more energy it also consumes. Power friendly bulbs use a fraction of power needed to produce the same amount of light. For example, a 7 to 10 watt LED bulb can make the same light as a 100-watt incandescent.LEDs also give out a better quality light, so you not only consume less, you also get better lighting. 

Safer Power friendly lights are considerably safer than regular bulbs, mainly because they don’t produce a lot of heat. Regular bulbs create a lot of heat energy because of how they produce lights, but power friendly lights produce light in a different way. They don’t become fire hazards and if you have any kids or pets, you worry less about any unfortunate light bulb related accident. 

Long Lasting Compared to regular light bulbs, power-friendly bulbs last longer. A common incandescent can last you a good 1,200 hours while an LED bulb can go for 50,000 hours. Maintenance is going to be a breeze and you won’t have to keep replacing your bulbs.

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