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21 Patio String Ideas for Summer & Fall (Part 1)

21 Patio String Ideas for Summer & Fall (Part 1)

In this two-part series we will share 21 string ideas to help you gussy up any outdoor space with minimal effort.  

  1. Liven Up The Outdoor Dining Area

Credit: CountryLiving

Looking for some cool spring and summer patio inspiration? A few strands of lights can help you create that perfect outdoor dining space you always wanted. Don’t forget to use candle-lit lanterns. They complement both string lights and outdoor fire perfectly. Instead of using multiple candles in a lantern, try using two to three lanterns.

Also, remember string lights aren’t only for the summer. They are just as suitable for breezy fall nights. Summer or fall, string lights can add energy to your outdoor gatherings and help set the mood.

  1. Cozy Up The Living Space

Strands of string lights and comfortable outdoor furniture can go a long way in lightening up the backyard — so much so that we promise it will become your family’s new favorite room.

  1. Camouflage The Wooden Pole With A Potted Plant

Credit: CountryLiving

A wooden pole all alone might not look pretty, but you do need it to hold up your string lights. So what’s to be done? The answer is simple: use a pretty potted plant, like the one shown in this photo, to brighten things up.  

  1. A Big Tree Makes For A Good Base

Got a big tree in your backyard? That’s great. Gussy up your backyard by draping your string lights from it to your house roof. Yup, it’s that simple.

  1. Make The Fire Pit A Great Hangout Spot

Love spending summer nights around the fire? Use string lights to transform the backyard fire pit into your family’s favorite hangout space.

  1. Gussy Up The Privacy Fence

Credit: CountryLiving

You can create a comfortable living space in your backyard by installing a plush sofa, along with pillows, totted plants, and a wooden-pallet privacy fence. Don’t forget to install string lights, as shown in the picture, to spruce up the privacy fence.

  1. Glow

Want every night to be a starry night? Hang string lights creatively above the back patio and we promise you’ll like to relax at this daily.

  1. Pair String Lights With Illuminated The Jars

You can easily double up the glow by using a combination of illuminated jars and string lights to create a breathtaking effect.

  1. Keep Things Casual

Credit: CountryLiving

Don’t try too hard to create an effect with string lights. A simple strand draping over an outdoor table is sometimes all you need.