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B22 Bayonet Cap Light Bulbs

B22 bayonet cap bulbs are characterised by their two pins, creating the “push and twist” type motion. B22 bayonet bulbs have a bayonet base fitting, which has two mounts on either side. This is also referred to as the classic “push-in” bulbs or a ‘standard’ bayonet fitting. The B22 bayonet cap bulb is primarily used in a room's lamp or main hanging light socket.

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Our B22 bayonet cap bulbs come in various styles and shapes, including, but not limited to, candle-shaped bulbs, globes, and normal-styled bulbs. In other words, regardless of your personal preferences, we have the perfect B22 light bulb for you. Our LED light bulbs are energy-efficient, long-lasting (with an average lifespan of 25,000 hours), and environmentally friendly. We also have dimmable B22 bayonet cap bulbs, which work seamlessly with most incandescent and LED dimmers. These bulbs have a high CRI rating of 90+. If you want a B22 light bulb, look no further. Explore our collection today.