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E14 LED Light Bulbs & E14 Small Edison Screw Bulb

Upgrade your lighting with our collection of E14 light bulbs. We offer a wide range of E14 LED bulbs, so we have something for everyone. However, before you buy an E14 LED bulb, check the base of your existing lighting fixture to ensure compatibility. E14 small Edison screw bulbs are a good fit for medium-sized lighting fixtures like floor lamps, wall sconces, and chandeliers.

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E14 light bulbs are also known as “Small Edison Screw” because they have a similar thread size as a regular Edison screw bulb.  The diameter of a small Edison screw bulb is 14mm, which is slightly larger than the diameter of an E12 LED light bulb.  All our E14 small Edison screw bulbs are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. We also offer have dimmable E14 small Edison screw bulbs for those who want to reduce the amount of electricity they consume, extend the lifespan of their bulbs, and change the brightness level as per their requirements. Our E14 light bulbs have a super-high CRI90+ and CRI97, reducing eye strain and improving colour vibrancy.