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How to choose the right bulb base?

You’re probably more than aware of the different types of bulbs you can buy, but the type of bulb base can make such a big difference too. Learn all about the different types of bases, the effects they create and where you can get them.

There are four main types of bulb bases. These are Edison, small Edison, Bayonet and small Bayonet. These are important to consder when picking an LED bulb, for both exisiting and new fittings. 

How To Choose The Right Bulb Base

Edison base (E27)

How To Choose The Right Bulb Base

This is definitely the most common bulb base. They’re characterised by their convenient screw style, making them easy to fit into any fixture and keep that classic “bulb” look.

As Edison bases are so popular, it’s easy to find the perfect LED bulb for your house. Anything from vintage, coloured, globe or filament.

Most people choose a classic Edison base purely because of their existing fixtures. It also allows people to only change the type of bulb (from incandescent to LED). Experience the benefits of LED lighting, without any complications.

E27 bases have a 27mm base, but they can fit in an E26 base without any problems.

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Small Edison Screw (E14)

An E14 base or SES ( Small Edison Screw) is also a common screw-in-bulb used in the home. It’s basically just a smaller version of the E27, measuring at about 14mm across the cap diameter.

They’re are commonly found on smaller lamps, especially golf balls and candles.

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Bayonet Cap (B22)

Another super popular type of base, the classic “push and twist” type. These types of bases are used a lot, especially with lamps in Great Britain.

The B22 has a cap measurement of 22mm.

How To Choose The Right Bulb Base

We have a collection of LED bulbs that have bayonet caps, this gives everybody the opportunity to combine their favourite lamp with a high quality, LED bulb.

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Small Bayonet Cap (B15)

We can’t forget the “younger brothers” of the B22. The SBC (Small Bayonet Cap) or the B15 are the smaller versions, sporting a diameter cap of 15mm.

Again, the B15 has a push and twist type feature, they are commonly found in ornamental light fittings, like chandeliers.

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These are for all those really intricate or decorative fixtures.

G4 fixtures are very commonly used in under-cabinets, for decorative purposes or in RV lighting.

The small size but high output makes G4 fixtures a really perfect choice for small spaces, meaning that you don’t have to compromise.

The ‘4’ stands for the 4mm gap between each pin.

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G9 bulbs are very similar to G4 bulbs but they have a bi-pin design. They’re extremely compact, perfect for decorative or practical functions.

G9 LED bulbs are high-performance bulbs that can be used for everyday use. LED bulbs reducing energy use, without any compromisation on brightness.

Just like with the G4, the ‘9’ denotes the 9mm gap between each pin.

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The importance of a bulb base

The first thing you need to check for when buying a bulb is the base. If you’re shopping for an existing fixture that you have in your house, first and foremost...check the base. They will most likely be either Bayonet Cap or an Edison.

Some people like the classic look of an Edison screw cap, whilst overs opt for the convenience of the G4 and G9s.

You can shop LED bulbs by base anywhere, this ensures that you can start your bulb shopping in the right way. Find an extensive collection here.