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LED dimmers

Most people choose a dimmable light bulb for its aesthetics and practical benefits. However, there are some drawbacks with dimming switches - the first being that some LED bulbs aren't compatible. We have carefully curated our range to be compatible with the majority of Australian dimmers.

We've put together a guide from shopping with dimmers, helping everybody with through the wonderful world of dimming. We hope it helps.

Why should you invest in a LED dimmer?

Probably the most desirable property of an LED dimmer is the fact that they save energy and keep your bulbs alive for longer. The dimmer reduces the flow of electricity, saving energy and resulting in a better bulb longevity. Win-win.

Your room will also benefit greatly from a dimmer, not only will you be able to choose the degree of lighting for certain events or functions, making it a useful tool to have.

Can I use my dimmer with any LED bulb?

In short, no. However, when you shop with us, as we mentioned before, we have tailored our range to be compatible with most Australian dimmers - this gives you an added sense of security.

Led Dimmers

It's always a good idea just to check before you buy. We'll always be here to offer a helping hand - just contact us here.

Our LED filament light bulbs are dimmable with the following dimmers; Diginet, Cabac, Trader and other Trailing Edge LED dimmers. In addition, the bulbs are compatible with CBUS dimmers and DALI.

What does flicker-free mean?

The name is quite obvious, but it is a very valid question. Sometimes, especially when the dimmer isn't compatible with the bulb, there will be a flicker problem.
We have a dimming range from 0-100% flicker free. This means that you can gradually increase your lights to emulate sunrise to sunset, without any kind of flickering.
Shop our collection of dimmable bulbs here.

How can I make sure that my LED bulbs are dimmable?

All you have to do is read the bulb's packaging. Of course, our bulbs are compatible with the most dimmers. If you're unsure or have any queries, feel free to ask us.

Led Dimmers

How to find the right dimmer switch?

It's always been stated that LED bulbs aren't dimmable. LED bulbs are dimmable as long as they are combined with an LED switch.

You may have a dimmer that's currently used for incandescent or halogen bulbs, it's likely that these dimmers won't be suitable for dimming your LED bulbs.

The best thing to do in this situation, so you can feel the benefits of LED lighting, is replace your old fixture.

Where are the best places in the home to have dimmable lighting?

Although dimmable lighting can be effectively utilised in any room, the best places are in the kitchen. You require brighter lighting for cooking and preparing, but softer lighting for eating and relaxing.

Living rooms also benefit greatly from dimmable lighting - movie nights are made a lot easier.