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4 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Lighting

4 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Lighting

Whether you want to jazz up a humdrum space, add a splash of chic to your living room, or improve the ambiance of your entire home, we have got you covered.

In this post, we will discuss four easy ways to decorate your home with lighting. As any interior designer worth his salt will tell you, illumination is a key element of a designing scheme. With help of well-executed lighting, you can easily spruce up the look quotient of any place.

Tip #1 - Accent lighting

Accent lighting draws attention to certain parts or things in a room or on a wall. It can transform any space or room magnificently.  Lights shining on a spectacular painting artifact in the room can change the whole fee of it.  

Accent lighting is easy to use. Bring attention to art or shine a light on a space you love. Focus on the features and use lighting to make them even more captivating.

Tip#2 – Create contrast

Creating contrast with lighting is an acquired skill. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to master it. And once you get a handle on it, you can easily transform your space.

You can use different types of lighting, linear LED lighting or floodlighting, to create layers and amazing effects. This technique works wonderfully well in the case of wall displays and outdoor displays.

Tip#3 – Statement pieces

Using statement pieces is probably the easiest way to use lighting to improve the visual appeal a space. A big, eye-catching lighting piece—like a fancy chandelier—can completely transform your room and wow your guests.

Tip#4 – Scatter the light around

One mistake many people do is to hang just a single bulb in the middle of the room. This is hardly a great strategy, especially if you want to make the space more attractive. We recommend scattering around different lights. Use them at different heights to truly transform any room.  

So, that’s it from us. You don’t have to settle for one look. Instead play around with the light as much as you like, until you find out what works best. Also, invest in high-quality LED bulbs because they emit the most balanced light. Click here to shop for high-quality and affordable LED bulbs.