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4 Tips to Kid & Pet Proof Your Lawn

4 Tips to Kid & Pet Proof Your Lawn

If you’ve kids or pets, you would know how boisterous and unrestrained they can be while playing outdoors. While their rambunctious behavior is not such a safety hazard during daytime, in night it can lead to injuries if there’s not proper outdoor lighting.

Here are some tips to ensure proper lighting in your lawn to keep your kids and pets safe.

Elevate your outdoor lights

If you have a young child at home or own a dog, make sure the outdoor lights are off the ground. This will prevent your kid from reaching out to them or your dog from destroying or chewing them.

You may install outdoor lights on trees or use poles for this purpose. You may also consider using outdoor lighting that has a protective case. This will ensure your kid won’t get his hands on the actual bulb or your dog won’t get their teeth or paws on it.

When you have young kid or a pet at home, you can never be too careful, even with LED bulbs that heat up way less than conventional bulbs. So keep this tip in mind.

Use outdoor rated bulbs

It’s best to use outdoor-rated bulbs in your lawn. After all, these bulbs are designed specifically for outdoor use. In case you are unable to find a standard bulb that is rated for outdoor use, have a look at the fine print on some appliance bulbs. If a bulb can survive in an oven or a freezer, it may very well be able to survive outdoors.

Safeguard landscaping lights for kids and pets

Kids love being outdoors, as do pets. You can’t expect them to stay cooped up inside the house. Part of the reason for lighting the yard or lawn is to make it safe for them to play outdoors in night. However, if you there are transformers or wires accessible, that may defeat the whole purpose.

Bury any wires lying on the ground to prevent falls, trips, and damage. In case the transformer box is accessible, put it inside a lock box. This will prevent kids and pets from getting to it and hurting themselves or the lighting.

Have sufficient lighting

The sole purpose of installing outdoor lighting is to make your outdoor space well lit, right? Therefore, avoid using light bulbs that are too dim. A well-lit yard or lawn is also beneficial from the home security point of view. So make sure your lawn has sufficient lighting.