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Buyers Beware! You Should Always Buy “SAA Approved” Products

Buy “SAA Approved” Products

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say: “When it comes to buying LED lights or any electrical appliance for that matter, safety is the MOST IMPORTANT thing.”

While most buyers think on the same lines (or at least they should), the problem often is they don’t how to tell if one LED light product is safer from the other. Obviously, you can’t go by what the manufacturer claims; that is something to be taken with a pinch of salt. It would have helped if there was a golden standard of safety, wouldn’t it?

Well, we’ve good news for you. There exists a golden standard of safety for electrical equipment in Australia and New Zealand — and it is... “SAA Approved.”

If you see an LED product with a label “SAA Approved,” you can rest easy knowing that the product is safe and fit to be sold in Australia (and New Zealand). And if a product doesn’t have this seal, BEWARE! You are buying a sub-standard product — one which is not fit to be sold in Australia.

So, what does SAA Certification mean and why it is important?

Basically, SAA Certification confirms that a product has passed the Australian and New Zealand standard for electrical requirements. As such, the product can legally be sold to consumers in these two countries.

All electrical products that are sold Down Under must be proven to be completely safe. The “SAA Certification” serves as a physical proof that an electrical item is safe and you can trust the quality of it.

Some important points to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Before buying LED lighting make sure that it has the “SAA Certified” seal
  • Only electrical items having “SAA Certification” are legally allowed to be sold in Australia and New Zealand
  • Many LED lighting products sold online in Australia (and New Zealand), especially those on platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and MyDeal might not have the “SAA Certification.” Always double-check whether the product has the “SAA Certification” before you buy LED lighting products and other electrical items from online platforms
  • Some festoon strings with LED light bulbs sold online may have the “SAA Certification” for the festoon string but not for the LED bulbs. Therefore, make sure that both festoon strings and LED light bulbs are “SAA Certified”
  • Only “SAA Certified” products comply with Australian Safety Standards. If a product is approved by another country but doesn’t have the “SAA Certification,” it can’t be legally sold in Australia
  • If you purchase a product not having the “SAA Certification,” keep in mind that you are buying a non-approved product.