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Changing lighting style can be as simple as changing a light bulb

Changing lighting style can be as simple as changing a light bulb

You might be thinking it’s time for a lighting change. Time to change those tired old fittings for something a bit more stylish and contemporary.

 Great idea! And turns out it can be easier than you think!

 One option is to just change the light bulbs.

Depending on your light fittings, a change of light bulb can make an enormous difference. This is especially true with bulbs from Liquid LEDs.

 Not only are the bulbs super energy efficient, there is an incredible range of styles including spiral filament, oversized bulbs, vintage, tubular bulbs and many more.

 Let your personality shine through!



Another option is to replace the light fitting.

Light fittings can have a dramatic effect on a room, but we all know a change is expensive and such a hassle, right? … Wrong!

Snap Lighting has developed a unique product that once installed makes it the easiest way to change light fittings ever. Imagine simply pushing in new light fittings in 5 seconds!

 And the best part?

 You don’t need any tools and can adjust the height according to your needs. Yup, it’s that simple!

 If you’re going to pay an electrician to install new light fittings anyway, you may as well get them to install Snap Lighting. It’s the smartest choice in lighting.



  Use a different lighting strategy for different spaces

Here’s the thing. Different spaces in your home have different lighting needs. So using a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work. Instead, keep in mind the purpose of a particular space before designing the perfect lighting strategy for it.

 Start with calculating the amount of light you need in a room. As a general guideline, you can use the following formula:

Room length x Room width x 1.5 = Amount of wattage to light a room

In case your room is 16’ long x 10’ wide, you need 240 watts to adequately light up the space. Of course, in most cases it is better to divide the lighting into multiple sources instead of using one. For instance, in this case you can use 2 lamps at 60 watt each and one at 100 watt.


For a hallway, we recommend using a fixture about every 10 feet. Semi-flush or flush ceiling lights are very popular for hallways.

When it comes to lighting a stairwell, pendant lighting works like a charm. With Snap Lighting, you can convert any pendants to snap lighting.  Also, use high-quality LED light bulbs for your pendant to create a great ambience. Always use LEDs with a CRI rating of 90 and above, since these bulbs give out the most balanced light. At LiquidLEDs we mostly sell CRI90+ LED light bulbs.

 Kitchen/Dining Room

In addition to bright lighting, kitchens need good task lighting. You can use pendants over an island as long as they are 36” above the island’s surface. Just ensure the lights are not hanging very close to your cabinet doors. Else, you might not be able to fully open them.

Kitchens need bright, general lighting as well as good task lighting. If you are looking at pendants over an island, they should be about 36” above the surface of the island. Just make sure the lights do no hang too close to the cabinet doors, otherwise, you may not be able to open them fully.

Naturally White LED light bulbs are usually the best choice for task lighting since they mirror the natural daylight as much as possible. That’s make them a great option for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and studies.

Living Room

Living rooms need adequate lighting for reading and other tasks. They also require some low-level, glare-free lights for comfortable television viewing.

Home Office

For home offices, lamps are a great option for achieving adequate task lighting. Place the lamps roughly 16” – 18” above your work surface in order to reduce glare and maximize efficiency.


Overhead lighting is used in most bedrooms. If you are looking for a ceiling fixture, go with something that’s not only decorative but also compliments your bedroom’s style. Chandeliers are immensely popular and appear very opulent. Give it a go! But ensure you also install a dimmer switch, regardless of whether you opt for a chandelier, flush mount fixture, or a semi-flush mount fixture. A dimmer switch gives you more options, allowing you to change the lighting according to your mood.

No less important is bedside lighting since it provides additional lighting for reading. Make sure the lamps are not placed more than 12” away from bedside; otherwise you might get optimal illumination.

 Lighting, as they say, can make or break a space. In case you feel that a particular space isn’t working, first look at lighting. Ensure the room has adequate lighting and that you are using dimmers. It allows you to create different levels of light compatible to your lifestyle and mood. So have a good look at your space, make small lighting changes and see how that improves things!