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Everything you need to know about vintage LED light bulbs

Everything you need to know about vintage LED light bulbs

While browsing through an online LED store or wandering through the lighting section of the local supermarket, you may have come across attractive-looking vintage-style LED light bulbs. Ever wondered what are they? More importantly, how to pick the right ones?

A Vintage-style LED light bulb is exactly what the name suggests — an LED light bulb that combines modern lighting technology with the nostalgic, old-school looks.

The sales pitch for these bulbs is fairly simple: the fusion of modern LED technology with the nostalgic looks, right down to the fake filament inside the bulb

Vintage-style LED light bulbs were initially introduced as a nostalgic novelty aimed at folks who were reluctant to part with incandescent bulbs. However, today they are very popular, so much so that most lighting stores (both offline and online) have a dedicated section for them.

For consumers, this is good news, as they have unlimited choices. However, sometimes, too many choices can be mentally exhausting. How do you pick the perfect vintage LED light bulb among scores of viable options?

Don’t worry; we have got your back. In this post, we will share everything you need to know before you purchase vintage LED light bulbs.

Aesthetic matters

Traditional bulbs rarely lasted more than a few months. Those days are long gone. Modern LED light bulbs are designed to last many years, if not several decades. Once you install them, you will likely not need replacements for a long time. Given this, it is crucial you pick the vintage LED light bulbs that can give your space the kind of aesthetic upgrade you desire. With vintage LED light bulbs being available in so many shapes (tubular-shaped bulbs, fancy round bulbs, globe bulbs, etc.), you’ll likely have no trouble picking the ones that work best with the interior design of your home.

Pay attention to the design

LED light bulbs achieve the vintage look of incandescent bulbs by stringing their light-emitting diode into fake filaments inside the bulb. These filaments can be arranged in any number of ways and how they are arranged can make a huge impact on how the LED bulb looks when it is powered on. For instance, bulbs in which filaments are arranged in tidy columns give a more industrial look, while bulbs in which filaments are twisted into attractive double helices appear more artful.

Take colour quality into consideration

To get the old-school right, most vintage LED light bulbs dial down the colour temperature. Therefore, the light they emit will be extra yellowy. Some vintage-styled LEDs go a step further by tinting the glass. Doing so gives the light an orange-tinted hue, much the same light tone emitted by a candle. Now there’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, many people prefer this artificial warm tone. However, if you prefer more natural light, bulbs that don’t distort colours a lot may suit you better. In short, go for non-tinted vintage LED light bulbs.

Check the dimming ability

Want vintage-style LED bulbs that can dim without flickering? If so, opt for quality LED light bulbs. Also, it is important that you use the latest dimmers, which are designed specifically for LED lighting. Old dimmers, while not incompatible with LED light bulbs, can lead to flickering issues.

Look at lumens not watt

Vintage-style LED light bulbs are generally used in exposed bulb setups because their main attraction is their old-school look. For this very reason, they are usually not as bright as bulbs designed for lampshades.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But often the problem is with how these bulbs are advertised. Far too often, the packaging may contain vague wattage replacement claims such as “60 watt replacement”, giving the impression their brightness level is on par with with a 60W incandescent. But in many cases these bulbs are way off the mark.

For this reason, instead of paying attention to such vague claims, look at the lumen count, which gives you a concrete idea about how bright a bulb is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED vintage light bulbs a better choice than incandescent bulbs?

Yes, they are. LED light bulbs last a far longer time than incandescent bulbs. Where the latter have a lifespan of roughly 2,000 hours, vintage-style LED light bulb can last up to 25,000 hours. Also, unlike incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs do not contain mercury and hence are much safer to use and more environmentally-friendly. Last but not the least, LED light bulbs consume far less energy to produce the same amount of brightness as their incandescent counterparts.

Are vintage-style LED light bulbs a good option for creating a relaxed, romantic atmosphere?

Yes, they are. Thanks to their excellent colour rendering index (CRI), old-age school looks, and the yellowy light they emit, vintage-style LEDs are perfect for display and romantic atmospheres.