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How are LED lights transforming the hotel industry?

How are LED lights transforming the hotel industry?

With sustainability and climate change being an issue that many industries have to tackle, the hotel industry is no different. Hotels have a surprising amount of impact on the environment, as well as the economy and society.

Hotels are increasingly becoming more aware of the impact that they have, and in a bid to not only help the world but improve their reputation, they’re implementing energy-efficient technologies. LED lights are one way to do this.

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Why is using LED lights important in hotels?

Lighting accounts for a significant amount of energy use, especially in such a vast type of building. Te most obvious way to improve your energy efficiency rating is one of the best ways to do this. It can save 85% of energy, and savings of maintenance savings of up to 100% can be made. Alongside this, the return of investment show full payback as little as three months.

Of course, it isn’t hard to convince hotels to use LED lighting, especially when you consider the financial advantages.


The functional benefits of LED lighting for hotels

LED lights are also great for hotels, as they can withstand much more than traditional forms of lighting. For instance, offices, production floors, warehouses and outdoor areas can have LED lighting, without compromising on the quality of lighting.

Not only that, the colour temperature of LED lighting is controllable, they’re dimmable, and specially designed for certain environments.

Even if incandescent bulbs are a hotel’s desirable look is an incandescent bulb, there are many LED lights that have purposely created a look that mirrors it.

LED lighting also has:

  • Flicker-free properties - which will be great for guests.
  • Eliminates the probability of contrast imbalances
  • No colour shifting
  • Increased longevity
  • Higher quality light



Why you should begin to reap the benefits

It makes perfect sense to start making the most out of your LED lights. As a hotel, you have more rooms and lighting requirements as ordinary buildings. It’s also worth noting that the amount of lighting you use is entirely dependent on the guest. It’s this uncertainty that makes LED lighting all the more important.

The best thing about LED lighting is that you gather the rewards, as you go along. You run your hotel and benefit from it in the long run.

Obviously, you should look into making other changes to make your hotel more sustainable. Led lights are a great place to start.


Style benefits of LED lighting

When it comes to hotels, style is so important. LED lights have such an array of different styles; from modern to ultra-traditional. This means that you can upkeep your hotel style, without losing money or energy.

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In short, LED lights are perfect for hotels. In terms of functionality, style and financially, they really are the best options for you. If you need any more information about specific lights or the best lighting options for your hotel rooms, feel free to drop us a message.