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How to make your lighting a part of your decoration

How to make your lighting a part of your decoration

We'll admit it, most of the time, lights are seen as a kind of second thought, they're rarely noticed, and only ever really mentioned when there isn't enough of it. We don't have to tell you that we think that's the wrong way to treat lighting - it has such potential to influence the mood and just overall visuals of your room.

Architecturally, lighting can bring attention to various aspects of your building. From an interior design point of view, lighting can completely transform the room. Here are our top tips on how to make your lighting more than just something that illuminates a room, rather something that enhances and adds to a room.

Accent lighting

If you need a little more information on lighting lingo, check out our last blog post. Basically, accent lighting draws attention to a certain thing or part in a room or on a wall. It has incredible power to transform a room. Think, art galleries - how much do the lights shining on the paintings change the feel of the room?

You can do this in your home too - bring attention to art or shine a light on a part of your room that you really love. Focus on your features and use lighting to make them even more eye-catching.

Creating contrast

Being able to create a contrast with lighting is a skill, but once you master it, it can change your life.

All the way from floodlighting, or linear LED lighting, you can create layers and stunning effects. This is great for outside displays or, you know, those wall lighting displays that project on the side of your house? Let your imagination run wild.


This is just proof that lighting is more than just a simple bulb that allows you to see, in an otherwise dark room. They're so much more than that.

Statement pieces 

The best, and probably the most obvious way, to use lighting to enhance your room is with statement pieces. A big lighting piece, used as a decoration too, will really wow your guests.

We're talking fancy chandeliers and modern art pieces. They can completely transform your space.

Scatter them around

Many people make the mistake of just hanging one single bulb in the centre of the room, and call it a day. Instead, you should be scattered around various different lights - hanging them up from a number of different places and placing them in certain different areas our lighting truly has the potential to completely transform any room, wall or piece of art.

It is so much more than just something that functions as something to light up your room. It will change your mood, productivity and overall feel. Using lighting and shadows to make elevate your aesthetics might take time to completely master, but the beauty with lighting is that you can keep on trying, working out what works best. Click here to shop our bulbs and shop our best lighting.