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LED Bulbs Are a Perfect Holiday Gift

LED Bulbs Are a Perfect Holiday Gift

Switching to energy-saving LED light bulbs this holiday season could lower Australia’s electricity bill big time and help minimize pollution as well. In short, this is one Christmas gift that just keeps on giving.

Purchasing someone a light bulb as a holiday gift may sound a little odd, but LED bulbs make for a perfect Christmas gift. Adding LEDs to this holiday season’s shopping list will help your recipient save money on their monthly electricity bill, besides being helpful for the environment.

With shopping for LED bulbs being easier than ever before, thanks to a gigantic range of options available, there’s no excuse for not buying them for yourself and others.

Here are 5 reasons why LED light bulbs make for a perfect holiday gift.

  1. LED Bulbs Save Money

Yup, you heard us right. LEDs can help you lower your cost of lighting the home substantially.

Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDS are way more energy-efficient, as in 75% - 80% more efficient.

For example, a traditional 75 Watt bulb uses 75W to produce 1100 lumens and costs about $23 a year to run. In comparison, an LED bulb consumes just 6W to produce the same lumen output and its annual cost of running is only $5.

Considering the fact that the standard Australian home uses about 37 light bulbs, replacing them with LEDs could lead to considerable savings.

If you are still not convinced about the cost-saving power of LED bulbs, look at these statistics:

  • A home with 37 mains voltage halogen light bulbs stands to save about $2420 in 10 years by switching to LEDs.
  • A home with 15 mains voltage halogen light bulbs stands to save approximately $1250 in 10 years by replacing them with LED energy saving light bulbs.
  • A home with 15 low voltage halogen down lights stands to save about $780 in 10 years by transitioning to LED bulbs.

The long and short of it is that LED bulbs are considerably lighter on your pocket.

  1. LED Bulbs Last a Long Time

Do you hate replacing light bulbs every now and then?

If so, LED bulbs are a great option. They last about 50,000 hours. In contrast, the typical incandescent bulbs last nearly 1,000 hours.

So if you want your light bulbs to last a really long time — and avoid replacing them frequently — switch to LED light bulbs.

  1. LEDs are environmentally-friendly

LEDs not only put some “green” into your pocket, they are also a green choice as far the environment is concerned.

The traditional incandescent bulbs convert approximately 95% of their energy into heat and only 5% into light. LEDs are just the opposite. They convert roughly 95% of the energy they produce into energy and waste just 5% as heat. In other words, LEDs need far less power compared to normal bulbs. And the less energy they use, the better it is for the environment.

  1. LEDs are non-toxic

The traditional bulbs contain mercury and as such are not good for the environment. LEDs on the other hand don’t use mercury. This means they are better for the environment and also safer for your family.

If a traditional bulb breaks, you must dispose of quickly and carefully, lest some mercury residue may remain behind and harm your children or pet. With LEDs, you don’t have to worry about any toxic material, so they are easier to dispose.

While there’s no doubt LEDs is a better choice for lighting a home, keep in mind not all LEDs are created equal. Always go for LED bulbs with CRI90+ rating. These LED bulbs deliver the best quality of light.