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Lighting up the skies with LED

Slowly but surely, everybody is switching to LED lighting, and there's really no surprise as to why. LED bulbs, compared to the traditional incandescent, really do have so many benefits; from being low maintenance, eco-friendly and saving money. It's no surprise, then, that airports and aviation spaces are very rapidly switching to LED lights. In fact, aerospace all across the world are upgrading to LED lighting systems to benefit their entire process, help the staff and appeal to their customers more.

Lighting in airports is extremely complex, boiling down to the number of applications used, the functions and, of course, comfort. You probably haven't even thought about lighting in airports, but you probably know by now that the colour of the lighting makes a big difference. Read our colour blog to find out more. You see, the open areas, such as the departure spaces, security areas, and check in sections need to have clear, brighter lighting - you need to be alert and ready. However, once you're through all of that (phew) you want to relax a little bit or shop, which requires lighting which helps you relax a little bit. LED lighting is really the only solution for this.

Energy Savings


As well as the obvious advantages with colour choice, there's also a huge benefit regarding saving energy. Airports, let's be honest, aren't the most environmentally friendly of places, but making steps towards a greener future is made possible with LED lighting. 

LED bulbs use up less energy to achieve the same, if not better, result. So, the environment and your bank balance will thank you. Airports adopting LED bulbs has benefits for everybody, really.

Better light quality


It's no secret that LED lighting has a superior light quality to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Everything is possible with LED bulbs too, you can focus a light on a specific object - imperative in airports, or you can just provide your staff and customers with optimum lighting quality, which in turn makes the entire airport experience easier and smoother - no more last-minute "I can't find my passport in my bag" moments.

Security and safety


Amongst the places that you want to feel safe and secure, airports probably come out at the top. Safety and security is a high priority and with so many flights taking off and landing in the darkest hours of the day, airports need to mirror daylight, basically all the time. Walkways, carparks and boarding areas need to illuminate spaces that, otherwise, would be too dark to be safe.

What can I take from this?


We're just assuming that you're not in charge of airport lighting, but you can take some pointers. Think about how colours change the ambience, LED lighting saves energy (which everybody should be aiming to do) and areas which you might use at night could be made safer with the use of LED lighting. 

It just goes to show, LED lighting can reward you with so many benefits; enhanced working conditions, energy savings and security. Shop our extensive range of LED bulbs by clicking here, be on the same page as airports and board the flight to the future.