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Secrets to Cutting Lighting Costs: How to Use Light Wisely Part 2

You’re reading Part II of an article series on how use lighting wisely in your home. 

Turn to Natural Daylight Even though artificial lighting solutions have gone a long way since Edison’s first practical light bulb some 130 years ago, nothing still beats natural sunlight, whether from the perspective of quality or efficiency. That said, you’re seriously missing out if you’re using your light bulbs during the day—why go for an artificial solution when you can use natural light? Start by rearranging your home furniture around windows, and if you can, making more windows and maybe even a skylight. 

Invest in Sensor-connected Floodlights If you can’t do without having an illuminated front yard or porch, consider investing in more energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions, like LED floodlights or at the very least, halogen lamps. You’ll want to pair your outdoor lights with sensors that detect when the rise and fall of the sun, that way, they automatically activate and deactivate themselves according to current lighting conditions. 

Make the Switch to LED Lighting It really pays to switch your existing home lights to LEDs. Sure, you’ll end up paying a high price to buy and replace the many light bulbs in your home, but you end up regaining the initial cost of LEDs from the energy savings they bring to the table. Moreover, the higher lumen output of LEDs (for less energy by the way) means you won’t exactly be replacing every old bulb for an LED. To enjoy the benefits of LED lighting without spending all your money, consider using LEDs in “high use” areas, or areas that require lighting the most. This is where you’ll reap the most savings.