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Things you Need for your Indoor Garden

Things you Need for your Indoor Garden


Growing plants indoors has become one of the best ways to become self-sustainable. Many homeowners are now converting a part of their homes into indoor gardens or greenhouses where they can plant a number for crops no matter what season it is.

Indoor gardens can range from a few small potted herb plants to a giant room filled with bigger plants like fruits and vegetables. No matter how big or small your indoor garden is, it’s going to need the following items. 

Indoor garden lighting

Lighting Unlike regular plants that grow outside, indoor plants use light to grow. There are a number of lights that you can use, but recent studies have shown that LED light bulbs work the best when it comes to indoor gardens. You can buy a set of these lights, specifically made for indoor gardens, online or in bigger garden supply shops.

LED lights also come with a number of benefits. They’re energy friendly bulbs since they only use very little power. They also last longer, so maintenance is a breeze. Check online forums and groups on indoor gardens to learn more about these bulbs. 


Water Along with good lighting, there should always be a good supply of water for your plants. Some people even install a watering system in their indoor garden so that they can water the plants easily and manage their water intake as well.

However, if you’re just planning to grow a few potted plants, a good watering can do. 

Nutrients Indoor plants need special nutrients to grow and stay strong. It’s easy to find these online but some of the bigger garden supply shops sell these as well. This commonly comes in a powder that you mix into the water. Just follow the advised amount on the packaging.

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