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Unique outdoor lighting ideas

Unique outdoor lighting ideas

Making your outdoor area look appealing and attractive is such an important thing to do. Not only does it make it more inviting in rain and shine, but it improves the overall feel and aesthetic of your house.

Of course, lighting is a crucial aspect for your outdoor area - when you’re cosied up around a fire pit at night, it’s important that you make space look glamorous, snug, as well as being safe and well-lit.

Below, we’ve listed our favourite outdoor lighting ideas.


Mix and match colours and textures

Don’t be afraid to mix metal lanterns with glass bulbs - it just helps to create a rustic, and free feel. That’s highly desirable for an outdoor area.

You can also get multi-coloured lights to make your outdoor area look and feel energetic and fun. This is great for all year round, especially if you have some kind of sheltered area.


The inviting glow

outdoor lighting

The colour emitted by your bulbs is more important than you may originally believe. Bright white lights (that almost look blue) aren’t the most desirable for outdoor lighting, as they’re not particularly inviting.

We suggest using a yellow glow, basically, something that mirrors are candle glowing. This will be the best option for you and your outdoor area.

You can find out more about the glow emitted by your bulb here, to ensure you make the best decision.


Fairy lights are magical

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They’re amazing placed anywhere, especially in boho style rooms, and outdoor areas.

You can also grab flower or butterfly fairy lights, to help upkeep the theme of nature.

outdoor string lights

We love adding fairy lights to outdoor areas, as they add a bit of sparkle - almost like an enchanted secret garden. No doubt, these will make you love spending time in your garden.


LED-lit trees

Do you really want to add sparkle to your walkways? Glowing trees will definitely make a statement. Don’t worry, these look great all year round, not just in the holidays.

We also recommend that you stray away from blue looking LED bulbs, as these aren’t as inviting as orange or yellow.

Always opt for LED lights, especially for outdoor lighting which is used very often. Not only is it safer to use (as it doesn’t heat up to the same degree) they’re also much more cost-effective, and eco-friendly. We want to enhance nature, not damage it.


Playful lanterns

Lantern outdoor lighting

It doesn’t matter if you’re opting for a more refined lighting look, playful colourful lanterns area always a good option for you.


Use up-lighters

As the name suggests, these are outdoor lighting that sits on the floor and shines up. These are a great way to add intensity to a garden - they look particularly wonderful when placed against a wall.


These are our favourite outdoor lighting ideas, which we’re guilty of trying out ourselves. If you need any help with picking the right LED bulb for outdoor use, make sure to contact us.

We’d also love to see your very own outdoor lighting.