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Valentine Light Decoration Ideas

Valentine Light Decoration Ideas

Want to create a romantic atmosphere in your home this Valentine’s Day but not sure how to go about it? The simplest and best way to do so is by using LED lights to your advantage.

Popular String Light Decoration Ideas for Home

When it comes to creating an atmosphere, indoor lights work like a charm. You can use LED string lights to:

  • Create a romantic atmosphere with ambient lighting
  • Give any indoor space a cozy and warm feel and look
  • Infuse a celebratory atmosphere into a space before, during, and after any holiday

Valentine’s Light Decoration Ideas

Looking for some inspiring valentine decoration ideas? Consider our top picks.

Heart waits at the window

Putting up a heart sign using light strings is one of the most loved valentine decoration ideas. You can easily buy lighted decorations in the shape of the heart. What’s more, there are several options on offer. They include:

  • Quote Heart Decorations: How about using heart-shaped string lights featuring a message (like the classic valentine candy)?
  • Heart and Arrow Decoration: Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, this romantic and sweet heart-lighted decoration for window is perfect for everyone.
  • Double Heart Decoration: Why not use two hearts instead of one? Whether you have a big front window or a medium-sized on, double-heart decoration is perfect for creating a valentine-like feeling.
  • Neon Heart and Love Sign: Perfect for wall art, home decor, party decoration, and store front design, this valentines lighting is a great addition for all those who want to create a fun and lively ambiance.
  • Marquee Light – Heart: Here is another option for those who want to go really glam this Valentine’s.

Lights Inside Empty Bottles

Want to create an awesome table decoration for this Valentine’s Day? One of the most creative valentine decoration ideas is to put a string of LED lights in a soft drink bottle, preferably a glass bottle that is blue, green, or transparent. Avoid brown and other dark-coloured bottles since lights inside them will not cast a good glow.

String Lights Around Your Curtain Rails

In case you prefer using curtains over blinds, consider wrapping string LED lights around the rails. This will give you a great glow even when you close the curtains. Be sure to turn off the string lights before you hit the bed, particularly if you use thin or net curtains.

Bookcase Decor

Do you own a bookcase? Why not drape it with thin string lights to create a lovely ambience inside the house.

Decorate Plants With String Lights

From a small tree to cactus, all indoor plants can be used for ambient lighting. Since plants are usually tucked away in a room, stringing them with lights allows you to create an additional area for ambient lighting without drawing too much attention them.

Drape them Around Your Bed

How about making the bed glow by stringing lights around the headboard? You can even drape string lights over the bed, if that works better for you. The best part? You can keep this decoration year-round.

You can shape the lights into a heart (or some other thing) or a word. For instance, you can opt for a ‘valentine heart’ by using red or pink lights.

Decorate the Outdoor Area

Looking for some great outdoor valentine decorations?

  • Decorate the porch using string lights
  • Set up a table under the tree back yard with string lights
  • Create cozy and attractive balcony lighting
  • Add lanterns to your front porch or backyard and connect them with LED string lights

Turn Down the Wattage

Install lower lumen or lower wattage bulbs in those parts of the home where you want to add a dash of ambience. Reserve brighter bulbs for work areas and reading lamps.

Decorate Stairs and Corners

If you want valentine party decorations inside the house, then do not forget lighting stairs and corners. Consider wrapping stylish string lights on the stair handrail to create a festive mood.

Add Ambiance with a Dimmer

Dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness level according to your mood and needs with a simple twist.


If you are looking forward to celebrating this Valentine’s in style, start with decorating your place. There is nothing as effective as string lights for creating the desired atmosphere and ambience. Use the lighting strategies discussed in this post to make this year’s Valentine’s Day more memorable and unique.