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What are Daylight LED Light Bulbs? Why They Are Perfect for Kitchens?

Daylight LED Light Bulbs for Kitchens

Often small changes can complete change the look and feel of a room. Does your door look bland? Spruce up its look with a decorative door wrap? Does your kitchen look dim and yellow? Probably, all it needs is daylight bulbs.

Daylight LED bulbs can transform the look of an indoor space for the good. And they are not at all costly. Like we said, you can transform the look of a room or your entire home without it making a hole in the pocket.

So, what are daylight LED light bulbs and in which parts of a home they should be used? Keep reading to find out the answer and much more.

Daylight LED Light Bulbs

Daylight LED light bulbs, in simpler terms, are designed in such a way so that they imitate the sun’s light, and hence, the name.

Different types of LED light bulbs have different colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin and refers to how we perceive the light. Compared to regular LED light bulbs, daylight LED light bulbs have much higher colour temperature. While the colour temperature range for regular LED bulbs falls between 3000K and 4500K, the daylight bulbs have a colour temperature between 46000K and 6500K.

Why Daylight LED light bulbs are perfect for Kitchens?

Daylight bulbs are a great choice for kitchens due, as chopping vegetables, cooking complicated recipes, and other food-related tasks require more attention to detail. High light intensity, which is a hallmark of daylight, is perfect for such tasks. However, if you don’t cook food often, you might not need daylight bulbs in your kitchen.

If you are going to install daylight light bulbs in your kitchen, you should consider using dimmers. Although a dimmer is not going to alter the colour temperature, it can be used for controlling the light intensity (aka brightness).

Dimmers allow you to customize the lighting to the activity and time of day. For example, very bright light is not something you would like while sipping your early-morning cup of coffee, but it can come in handy when preparing a complex recipe. With dimmers, you can easily adjust the brightness according to your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and transform your kitchen space by installing daylight LED light bulbs. But don’t forget to use dimmers.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use daylight bulbs?

Bright lights are perfect for kitchen, as well as other spaces where you need attention to detail, like your garage or home office. They are also recommended for bathrooms, especially when used with dimmers.

What are the benefits of daylight bulbs?

Some of the main benefits of daylight LED light bulbs are:

  • Improved visual clarity and colour perception
  • Improved productivity
  • Better mental awareness
  • Helps treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

What are daylight bulbs?

These are very bright white LED light bulbs that have a wider spectrum (4500K to 6000K). They are ideal for kitchens, home offices, garages, and bathrooms.