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How to hang a pendant light

How to hang a pendant light

Pendant lights are a great feature in a home, and they're fast becoming a popular interior trend. Perhaps you've already bought a new pendant light or you're planning on enhancing your room with one, we've got the perfect guide on how to hang your pendant lights.

How you decide to hang your pendant light is a big decision, one that can completely alter how the room looks and feels. It's also crucial in terms of the ceiling fixture. We'll walk you through it.

How To Hang A Pendant Light

Step by step - How to hang a Pendant Light

1. Remove your old lighting fixture and all the old wire connectors in it. Make sure that the wires have no electricity running through them before doing this. Once the wires are disconnected, you can remove any parts that have remained on the fixture.

2. Ensure that where you will be installing your pendant light is strong and structurally great. If it's not supported well, it might fall. Making this one of the most important steps that you can take.

3. Attach the power wires on your pendant light, secure the cover on tightly.

4. Link the ground wire on your pendant light to your fixture that you have just installed. Secure these tightly, ensuring that everything is screwed on tightly.

5. It's time to install the mounting bracket - your new fixture should have come with this. This will vary depending on the type of pendant light that you have chosen. Either way, this fixture should easily attach to the new fixture that you have just installed.

6. Hang your new pendant light, mounting them to the fixture. Again, this will completely depend on the type and style of your pendant light. Sometimes it is a case of just mounting your light, other times there will be more screwing involved.

7. Install your bulb. Fingers crossed, everything will work well. If it doesn't, you'll have to check your wiring again.

8. Add any final touches to your pendant light. Perhaps there's a cover or trim to go alongside your fitting.

What is the recommended height of a pendant light?

How To Hang A Pendant Light

Really, it depends on the aesthetic and style that you were going for. Pendant lights typically sit around 30 inches above countertops in the kitchen, and 72 inches above the floor in other rooms.

Deciding on your preferred height should be a decision made in the installation process.

Inventive ideas for pendant lights

Pendant lights come in many different forms and styles. We've provided a few of our favourite pendant light inspiration.

The industrial look

How To Hang A Pendant Light
The industrial interior theme is incredibly popular at the moment. You can achieve this look by keeping the fixture completely bare, with what appears to be just a wire and bulb hanging from the ceiling.

Minimalist chic

How To Hang A Pendant Light
With monochrome shades and a simple black hanging wire, these make a basic but powerful statement to a refined room.


How To Hang A Pendant Light
A really inventive touch that will greatly impact any room.

Whatever aesthetic you are aiming to achieve, a pendant light will be a great addition to the room. Shop our collection of pendant lighting by clicking here.

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