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LED Par Lamps & Reflector Light

Whether you are looking for PAR light for home or business use, we have the perfect LED PAR and reflector light solution. LED PAR light bulbs are an excellent choice for various applications. One of the main advantages of LED PAR light is its energy efficiency, which is significantly better than traditional incandescent bulbs. Explore our collection of PAR lamps today! 

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A PAR light bulb is a light with a parabolic aluminised reflector. LED PAR light bulbs feature a glass enclosure and highly reflective aluminium coating applied internally. Thanks to affordability and lightweight design, LED PAR and reflector lights can be used in diverse settings. Our PAR lamps contain no mercury or other toxins, making them perfect for indoor and recessed track fixtures. These light bulbs can be dimmed to your preference and boast a high CRI that improves skin tone appearance and colour vibrancy. With various options available, you can choose the correct bulb for your specific requirements and enjoy both the cost savings and superior performance of PAR lamps.