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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Night Light

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Night Light

Sleep is important for babies and young children. Besides giving their body a chance to re-energize itself, it allows their brain to absorb what it’s learned throughout the day and properly store it.

For adults, sleep is just about as important. It gives their body the time to build up its energy levels and provides much needed rest to the brain. Lack of sleep can affect not only mental but also physical health.

While it’s best to sleep in a dark room at night, many people, especially young children find it tough to sleep in complete darkness. Some adults too have a fear of darkness and can’t properly sleep in a completely blacked out room.

While night lights are available in plenty, there are a few things you must keep in mind before you shop. In this article, we’ll look at what these factors are.

Factor #1 – Timer

A timer is a useful feature to have in a night light. It ensures the light switches on or off at specified times on its own. As a parent you can rest easy knowing you don’t need to remember to switch the night light in your child’s room in the evening or switch it off in the morning.

Factor #2 – Power Outlets Location

Before picking a night light for your baby’s room or for yourself, check the position of various electrical outlets in relation to your child’s or your bed. In case the outlets are too far, the light may be less than sufficient. If they are too close, the light may be too bright.

Factor #3 – Light Sensor

A light sensor can be a handy feature to have. It ensures the night light will switch on only when other artificial light is detected and switch off in case of sufficient ambient light.

Factor #4 – Type of Light Bulb

If the idea of replacing light bulbs in your wall night light often doesn’t appeal to you, consider LED light bulbs. They not only last many times longer than other bulbs but also consume far less electricity.