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What is UGR and Why You Should Worry about It?

What is UGR and Why You Should Worry about It?

Buying light bulbs seems easy, until you come across technical jargons that look important but are like Greek to you. One such obscure term is UGR.

Have you ever wondered what it is? And why you should worry about it (if at all)?

If yes, this post is just for you.

UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating, a method used for calculating glare from luminaries. UGR can affect the efficacy of your lighting big time, so you should be mindful of it.

Why UGR Matters?

The UGR rating helps determine whether a luminary is likely to cause discomfort to those around it.

Glare is a common problem with lighting, more so in offices than homes. A lot of glare from luminaries can cause disruptions for people working in offices, in terms of eye trouble and headaches.

UGR is calculated after taking into account a number of factors that may affect the amount of glare a luminary causes. These include the lumen output (luminance value) and the angle of the luminary.

UGR is calculated on a scale of 5 to 40. A lower reading is associated with low glare and vice-versa. If the UGR rating of a room is inappropriate, it can affect productivity.

What is the Recommended UGR Level?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some environments need a lower UGR, some others need a higher rating.

That said, we have a few suggestions for you to help you make the right decision. Luminaries used in offices should have a UGR rating of less than 19. If it’s above that, it may cause discomfort.

Industrial environments, on the other hand, require a UGR of anywhere between 22 and 25.  In no case, the UGR should be above 28. That can cause considerable discomfort.

Some other generalized recommendations are as follows:

UGR ≤ 16 = Suitable for Technical Drawing

UGR ≤ 19 = Suitable for writing, reading, meetings, computer-based work, and trainings

UGR ≤ 22 = Suitable for craft and light industries

UGR ≤ 25 = Suitable for heavy industries

UGR ≤ 28 = Suitable for foyers and railway platforms

How Can You Reduce Glare?

The obvious thing to do would be to use luminaries with a UGR rating of equal to or less than 19. Secondly, make sure the lighting design is suitable for your environment.

Have more questions about UGR?

Get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries.