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8 Things You Need to Know About LED Christmas Lights

Things You Need to Know About LED Christmas Lights

So you want to do things differently this Christmas by using LED Christmas Lights. Well, that’s great news. That’s because there are many benefits of switching to LED lights.

Here are the top 8 things you should know about LED Christmas Lights.

  1. LEDs save money in the long run

Though you’ll have to pay more upfront for LED lights, you’ll save a considerable amount in the long run.

Why’s that? You may ask.

Well, there are two main reasons for that. One, LED lights last a really long time. Two, they are significantly more energy efficient than other lights.

So don’t let the higher upfront cost put you off. Switching to LED lights is good for your wallet.

  1. Cool to the touch

In case you have young kids or pets and are worried about safety around Christmas decorations, LEDs are just about perfect for you. That’s because they produce almost no heat, meaning they’re always cool to the touch.

  1. LEDs are durable

LED Christmas bulbs can last for more than 4,000 hours. In comparison, standard light-string bulbs have a very short life.

  1. The weather factor

LED decoration lights work perfectly in the cold temperature. In fact, generally speaking LEDs become more efficient as the mercury drops.

  1. Connect more lights per outlet

With conventional decoration lights, you can typically connect 4 to 5 sets end to end using one outlet. In comparison, you can comfortably connect 40 to 50 LED decoration lights. In short, you can connect 8 to 10 times more LED decoration lights per electrical outlet.

  1. You can replace single LED mini bulb

LED bulbs last a really long time. However, there’s always a possibility that one or two bulbs in the light string may fail. When that happens, you can replace the faulty LED mini bulb instead of replacing the entire string (just like traditional incandescent decoration lights).

  1. Small bulbs vs. Big bulbs

Although most people prefer to use small bulbs, those big colored bulbs — now available as LEDs — are also becoming popular nowadays. If you want to do things the old way, try “old-fashioned” looking big colored LED bulbs.

  1. Cool white or warm white?

You can purchase LED decoration lights with cool white light or warm white light. The latter have a soft glow comparable with conventional lights and as such look really good on indoor Christmas trees. On the other hand, cool white LEDs give off a snow-white tone and are generally used outdoors.


So, The time has come to start decorate your home in different style with Christmas LED lights.